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While I do consider photography an art, I don’t think of myself as an artist. I tend to be too analytical for that. Maybe an “Image Capture Engineer” ;) ? I rarely shoot for “feeling”, but more often for something others might not see. Or just to capture a moment in time.

I have only been “into” digital photography for a few years now after many, many years (35+) shooting up lots of film. While photography is no longer how I make a living (being a Quality Engineer for a medical device company pays much better), I still like to shoot and share.

Most of my pics here are “as shot”, meaning no, or little, cropping, and little electronic enhancement other than to click the “AutoBalance” button. Maybe just a little boost in contrast (OK, once in a while a big boost in contrast), or conversion to b&w. What I really want is for you to see what I shot, not something I created, although I do occasionally play around and throw some effects at a picture to see what I come up with. My “graphic” images all start off as photographs that I have shot over the years, and either didn’t like, or just decided to play with. Apply a little digital magic and I get something cool out of an otherwise garbage shot.

A wise woman once told me “Find play value in all you do”. That’s a theme I try to carry into my photography; I don’t take it too seriously. I do it because photography is my first true love. If I happen to make a few bucks now and then that’s cool, but not why I’m doing it. And if I can make you stop and say “hmmm”, even better. Let me know what you think, I love to hear from people who have looked at my work.

I like to shoot the objects you see everyday, but maybe from a slightly different angle. Or focus a little closer on something you might ordinarily overlook. Instead of the big picture, I might focus on the little things in that picture. Anybody can shoot a building; I want to shoot what is unique about that building.

Using photography, I want to make you think. I want people to pay attention to what’s around them. Break out of their box. Look at the knotholes in a tree; look at a rain-soaked parking lot; look at the shapes and colors in something as simple as an awning. Stand by the railroad tracks when a freight train goes by and look at the grafitti on the railcars. Some of it is really pretty good.

Look at the shapes in the sand formed by wind and water, see the small stuff, the shells, the rocks, the washed up sea critters, the plant life. It’s amazing what you will see when you look at things differently. Little kids are good at it, but we seem to lose that fascination as we grow up. I want people to get that back, even if it’s only for a little while.

Get up-close and personal with the bark on a tree. In other words, see The Galaxy In A Knothole (one of my favorite pics). Above all, don’t just look, but SEE. See what is really there in the details.

Rosie was featured on the RedBubble Homepage on March 1, 2010.

Got all nostalgic over the weekend and decided to write out my photo biography. If you’re interested (and bored) you can find it here

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Woohoo. I have a page at NatGeo now. Come on over and check it out:

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Many thanks to the person of obvious good taste and breeding who just bought not one, but two posters of this cool pic. / Homefront /
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Photography Is Still Art

Since the powers-that-be at the Bubble no longer seem to take straight photography as art seriously, I thought I would try a different tack. Photography surgically altered to make it more graphically intense. Check out some of these at my Altered Stuff collection at:
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What’s with these fake reviews that show up on my work?
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Oh Goody

I just noticed that we can now order artwork printed on leggings. Whoop-te-friggin’-do. Is there ANY possibility that we might possibly ever get more choices in photo printing options? You know, things like more paper, finishing and framing options? I’ve asked before, and all I get is “watch our blog for upcoming news”. How about just giving a straight answer for once?
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