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Fire In The Sky - Sydney - Australia Canvas Print


  • Each custom artwork is hand stretched and printed for your order
  • Vibrant colors printed on artist grade canvas
  • Printed image wraps 1/4 inch (6mm) over the edges; the sides are white
  • Hanging hardware is included


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Fire In The Sky - Sydney - Australia
Designed by Bryan Freeman
#Click on image to view it larger - It looks better that way!# !,375x360.png!: This photo was taken overlooking Sydney in about 2001 after we had some bushfires in the Blue Mountains. Apparently the particles from the bush fires reacted with the water vapour in the clouds to produce this totally awesome and amazing sunset. I scanned this from a negative. This is a single photo, the camera, which was a *35mm SLR CANON* had no filters on it other than a polarizing filter. The colour is natural and unaltered in PS or any other photo editing software. I have the original photo hanging on our sitting room wall. !,375x360,black,bright_white,box20,m,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,black,offwhite,flat,l,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,mocha,off_white,box20,m,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,black,off_white,box20,m,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,mocha,bright_white,box20,m,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,w,m,TEFVTkNIIHggRFVPISAtIFN5ZG5leSAtIEF1c3RyYWxpYQ%3D%3D,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,b,m,TEFVTkNIRUQhIC0gU3lkbmV5IC0gQXVzdHJhbGlh,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,xl,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,black,offwhite,flat,l,ffffff.jpg!: !,375x360,black,bright_white,box20,m,ffffff.jpg!: If you'd like to see my work that has been _*FEATURED*_ (WOOHOO!) in a Group then Click ----> "FEATURED!": The links below will take you to various sets of my work: # "Persepolis": # "Pasargadae": # "Persia": # "Esfahan - Iran": # "Shiraz - Iran": # "Time Lapse": # "Black & White": # "High Dynamic Range - HDR": # "Birds": # "Sydney": # "Luna Park - Sydney": # "Long Flat - NSW": # "Sofala": # "Fireworks":

Canvas Print

Fire In The Sky - Sydney - Australia by Bryan Freeman