Irelands Recession

The Recession
Ah here we are in the middle of a recession.As soccer pundit and Eamon Dunphy might put it,’It’s a good recession, not a great one’.
Ok if you didn’t read a newspaper, look at TV or listen to radio news bulletins then you’s be hard pressed to know that there was a recesion stalking the country.But the media as ever want to really ran it down our throats, morning, noon and evening and well into the night.Times are getting bad and can only get worse. The merchants of doom and gloom, who are well paid to enlighten us on such matters want us to believe it weather it’s through or not.
First thing that should be done is to make big cutbacks in Radion TV and the print media. Lay off half the journalists, as most of the time they write crap anyhow.If you really want to write about a recesion and bad times then you have to live out the part .
The first real news that sunk in with me was last week when it was reported that tyconn Ben Dunne had to sell his helicopter, for €2 million , due to the slow down in the Irish econemy.Some wealthy buliders and high flying business had to do likewise.God my heart goes mout to them. Next thing is you’l find them in the loacal St vincent De Paul shop looking for second hand clothes.
You see the boom of the Celtic Tiger years was bulit manily on a buliding boom. Houses went up , mushrooming in every field, floodlain town and village. The prices rose even faster.Your average two up two down dwelling stuck together with God’s glue could cost you €300.00 and beyond depending on location.The banks were also complicit, lending money hand over fist, 100% mortguages being the norm for a while.Thye are pulling in their horns now OK.
This isn’t really a recession, but a coming back to normal. Housing will once again become mmore affordable for the average person. Some buliders will go out of business. Those who jumped on the buliding boom bandwagon, the fly by nights and the get rich quick merchants will dissappear. Few tears will be shed over their demise.

Breakfast Roll Man

Breakfast Roll Man was a term coined by broadcaster,economist and author David McWilliams. This particular beast was credited with being mainly responsible for returning Bertie Aherne and his Fianna Fail Govt to power in the 2007 election. Breakfast roll man worked in the buliding trade and had enjoyed the finiancial windfall that the industry had delivered over the past 10 years.At around 10.00am every morning,Brakfast Roll Man, tokk a break usually at teh local deli counter and order a tastily filled roll, which included bacon egg, black pudding, sausages within its crusty confines. Buliding work is tough and physical, thus the body needs plenty of fuel to sustain it over the coarse of a working day in all manner of weather.
Breakfast Roll man by voting for Bertie was as he thought was guranteeing a safe option, for the econemy and continuing prosperity.
Fats foreward 1 year. Bertie is not nthe Taoiseach anymore. Brakfast Roll Man may now be seen queing at the dole office as opposed to the deli counter, or is still laying in bed at 10.00am.The arse has fallen out of the building trade. The arse has also fallen out of breakfast Roll Mans’ buliders arse trousers.
Also I heard areport on the radio last week that the contents of the said breakfast roll isn’t good for your system and could give one cancer if you were to eat too many of them.So Breakfast Roll Man has had a real bad card dealt to him.His job gone and maybe his health at risk. God love him.
Bad Weather.

I can’t argue that weather-wise it was bad summer. Broken since early July, August the holiday month brought heavy rains and tempests. House were flooded,.Sandbags were bulit around doors. Properties that had been bulit on flood plains suddenly had a free swimming pool thrown in as a bonus.
I hard someone quote the old St Colmbcille prophesy that Ireland would be underwater sevan years before the end of the world.
’It’s already started’, she said in all sincerity.She could be right.
It was bad enough with the bad weather. Then the Olympics stared in China , who could be partly resposible for this climate change, with all the pollution they are spewing up into the ozone layer.The games had hardly begun when a little wargame between Russia and Georgia , a puppet state of the West broke ,out.Georgia wanted to teach a lesson to South Osetia a statelet that declared it’s indepandance from Georgia. However big brother was having none of it and launched a counter attack against Georgia. No chance against the worlds 2nd super power.It wa s a bit like the Kilkenny V Waterford All Ireland hurling final, a verty one sided affair.
Russia won the day, and in doing so warned that there could easily develope another cold war between East and West. Jesus all this coming on top of all the bad weather. Them and their cold war.Trust the Eastern Europen staes to keep the pot boiling.
All good news of cousre for the munitions industry. No sign of a recession in that business.

Irelands Recession

Brian Reynolds

Bailieborough, Ireland

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A short piece putting my slant on our current economic woes in Ireland.

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