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Deja vu: Recurring recent thoughts on redbubble


Putting pen to paper over some recurrring inner thoughts of late, which have been delivered below as something of a ‘stream of consciousness’ … or possibly ‘stream of unconsciousness’?!


Despite – (a) the daily updates and notifications on newly posted works from the many very talented and admired Bubblers who I have added to my watchlist and (b) also observing daily sets of new images on the active tickertape strip of works found towards the top of my redbubble management tools page – I have for some time been suspecting, in an unsatisfied way, that I have been locking myself in ‘one small corner’ of a very big redbubble planet of diverse & disparate artists – many with other works I would find very stimulating to experience if I more readily knew ‘they e

Redbubble's hidden 'super galleries' - a neglected goldmine!

YOUR SUGGESTIONS are being sought (see end paragraphs of this journal). But first …

As we avid bubblers visit our favorite website each day (redbubble of course) there is always at least that one photograph or artwork that we feel absolutely obligated to – immediately upon viewing – add to our ‘favorites’ list.

I am speaking of those images that instantly look stunning, that take our breath away momentarily, that strike a personal chord and evoke a highly pleasurable or pleasing association with something in our lives … and that demand our curiosity and attention in some special and ‘out of the ordinary’ way … even when on occasion seemingly ‘ordinary’ in content, but actually totally wonderful in execution!

And this selection process, ever so gradually, continues on … and on … and on. Tr

New RB page design ... still reflects bad design

The top 2/3 design of the new Artwork viewing pages and those pages’ overall messiness still irritate my eye and head every time I see them.

It is simply bad design (something Redbubble should NOT be known for, after making its reputation on its good page designs)!

The fundamental flaw is the artwork images sit like (very disproportionate) pimples in the centre of a big wide empty white space! Even when a purchase mode is used for images and pricing added to the right, it does not improve things.

Then to compound the problem, when the top to the page is viewed with all other elements on the page below, the resultant ‘combined appearance’ is plain MESSY! Bits and pieces of (not well integrated) text and imagery everywhere!

All just looks out of whack and wrong! So basically bad design!


A valued precedent for group featured works?

Of course other redbubble hosts have also previously emulated Abstract Lines group host RIchard Buchanan’s example (see extracted RB exchange below) and it does of course represent yet another demand on their generous supply of time, but what a nice and very thoughtful/helpful/welcome thing to do!…

With reference to recent feature of image fire hose

“Thank you Richard and the (Abstract Lines) group for featuring this piece. Much appreciated! Think you are starting something of an interesting precedent here Richard .. a host who provides specific insights into what prompted an image/work to be considered for featuring! This was even more appreciated. Always interesting to hear WHY people respond to RB works in more detail. Thank you again for your hosting and for your making the additional

(iPhone) Different product ... different needs & opportunities

Definitely finding a lot of fun involved in thinking about which images can potentially function well as iPhone cases.

The process seems to open up new possibilities for images which do not necessarily function as effectively in other contexts. Some of the more oddball images seem to be finally finding a more
relevant home! But then maybe a buyer would need an equally oddball sense of taste and perspective.

Seems I am not alone … many other interesting early explorations occurring with my network of bubbler friends as well.

Redbubble 'Brand' undermined by 'new/improved page layout'

The contradiction & dilemma: Redbubble = Good Design. Whereas New Layout = Bad Design.…

Some are saying the new RB layout sucks and I totally agree.

It has basically lost the essence of the remarkably clean, simple to use and totally uncluttered look that most people now greatly enjoy and associate with redbubble, as virtually its ‘brand’ … that fantastic simplicity of look/design and usage! (What more can you ask from a great site?)

Change for change’s sake, under such circumstances, is not a good idea at all … especially when you are already on a winner that it has taken you literally years (as brands do) to successfully establish.

And when so many artists of various kinds and origins on Redbubble itself – using their own heightened artistic judgment – do not like the new look and layou

The RB 'furore': WTF is right ... the rush to be correct.


As always with political and social matters, the issues are never totally simple and definitely more likely to be more complicated than people inclined to jump to quick conclusions give credit for.

The more I have tried to read and understand with genuine clarity whatever the hell it is that’s at the core of this RB ‘furore’ (and preferably on the basis of something tangible and not highly subjective) the more I find it all even more confusing to follow. Conflicting interpretations of artistic intentions do seem to be involved – with one camp disputing the conclusions and/or intentions of another and basically largely subjective responses left prevailing.

The only thing I know is that anyone in a rush to be ‘correct’ should do their utmost first to know their interp

Thanks! For featured image on RB homepage: 'Cold Burning'

Always interesting to see which images make it to Redbubble’s homepage … and today I would like to thank the dedicated curator, Mieke Boynton, who chose to feature one of my images, as part of a wider and very cool looking spread of work:

The image (from a shot taken recently in a New Orleans bar) is located at the top right and is titled Cold Burning

My congratulations to all the redbubblers responsible for the other featured images.

Our greatest fear

“May we never have to face our greatest fear … not knowing what to be fearful of.”

- Stephen Colbert, speculating on the horror that would occur if the Glenn Beck Show on the Fox News Channel was ever cancelled. (Source: Colbert Report, 4 April, 2011.)

Just what is a plutocracy and why does it matter?

Wikipedia gives some answers, the most relevant being found under the lower sub-heading
’Modern Politics" – Plutocracy

… and if you find that interesting there are more plutocracy article links here providing some eye popping charts and graphs pinpointing America’s current status … one of the most interesting being the graph titled ‘Out of Balance’.

Neon Heaven: The Pulling Power of (Vegas) Neons Rediscovered

A good news story reproduced below for all those, who like me, love neons!

Up in lights: Vegas’s hottest attraction is a dump
11 February, 2011. Source: The Age (Traveller section) – Melbourne, Australia

One of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas isn’t Cher or Celine, Blue Man Group or Cirque de Soleil. It’s a day trip to a gravel lot filled with scrap metal, miles from the Strip.

There, on North Las Vegas Boulevard, surrounded by a chain-link fence, is the latest incarnation of the legendary Las Vegas neon “boneyard.” It’s the kind of place where great signs of long-gone casinos and bars, motels and dry cleaners go to die. They are leaned haphazardly against each other and stacked in chopped-up chunks against walls. Dust, rust and daylight obscure the beauty of their once-lush oranges and bl

Redbubble's unmet need: An image search function in edit mode


Fundamental search tool need from Redbubble:

From an rb artist and day to day page management point of view, it would be great on redbubble if an image could be instantly tracked down to its correct editable page (when working within the edit mode pages) by simply entering its name in a separate, single function search window created for this purpose.

How about adding such an invaluable timesaving tool Redbubble team, as a matter of priority?

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