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Simply respecting and celebrating life, in all its magnificent diversity and wonders, is nowadays the truly radical act of any artist. /...


Priorities for a national cultural policy for Australia

For what it’s worth, reproduced are my comments in response to the consultation process and online forum initiated by the Australian Government over its development of a ‘national cultural policy’. The response has been made in relation to one of three questions asked by Australia’s Arts Minister, Peter Garrett (of former Midnight Oil fame).

Note: Some of the cultural concepts mentioned like ‘tall poppies’ and ‘knockers’ may only make sense to other Australians.

What do you think should be priorities for a national cultural policy?

1. Cultural policy?

First, what is culture? ‘Culture/s’ flow from the energies and dynamics of activated, lively and self aware communities. The better the values fostered within a community, the better the culture/s. Culture can be both organically grown (bott

Frank Lloyd Wright quote: On 'Beauty'

“Beauty dissolves conflicts, quiets us within, inspires us, creates a sense of happiness and serenity, refreshes us, and consoles us in times of depression. Beauty is not unnecessary or impractical.”
- Quote from American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright

Campaign to re-erect Portland's 'Hung Far Low' neon underway

The final good news is that, with the wonderful support of many, the sign has now been fully restored and re-erected back on its original corner site in Portland’s Chinatown (with added bonus of one of Portland’s best contemporary Asian food restaurants now resident below)!

Previous Post:

A campaign to restore the historic and iconic Hung Far Low neon sign to its original site in Portland’s Chinatown is currently underway, given that the sign was removed and potentially under threat of being lost to the city and its many admirers.

Read the full story at the campaign’s website. Help in the form of donations, sponsorships and t-shirt sales is being sought.

Historic neon lovers of the world unite!

'Delicate' ... a redbubble benchmark image ... perfect

By chance, just encountered Mel Brackstone’s Delicate image today. As near to perfect a nude image as anyone is ever likely to find … and definitely a true redbubble benchmark.…

A shot made possible only by the existence of the sheer beauty of the feminine form.

For what it’s worth, more of my reasoning on this image’s outstanding qualities are set down within the comments section to the page, and are republished below:

“A perfect image … ‘a’rtistic without the big ‘A’ … simplicity without looking too contrived. A great ‘Not trying too hard’ appearance and outcome! Perfect lines, tones and subtle treatment and choice of textured surrounds. A redbubble benchmark for a touch of the artistic without losing a desirable natural essence! Also a true and worthy celebration of the human form and hu

Musi quote: On photography & photographers

“Who you are, not the type of camera you have, will determine what type of photographs you take.” – Quote from photographer Vincent J Musi.

Seemingly a simple if not self evident truth, but definitely worth contemplating.
Any potential variations on the first three words? (BD)

Redbubble dynamics (some random thoughts)

Redbubble continues to fascinate with its seemingly limitless powers to surprise.

I am really interested in hearing from fellow bubblers on what forces they find ‘driving themselves’ when they explore this site’s contents and the works of others.

For me, there is such an amazing randomness (consistent with one of the greatest powers of the internet) to the way new works and artists are discovered … or should that be ‘uncovered’.

There is often such mystery as to why one particular work will appeal and stimulate responses more broadly than another.

Of course, there are the obvious – and not so obvious – dynamics at work in this. Everything from an image simply being selected as a featured work, to some elusive viral process in which the pursuit of links upon links lands people on one page

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