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Fixing the fundamentals: The sheer necessity of media reform

We can’t fix society’s problems without fixing the media system.

“… At its heart .. it is our media system that flattens our debates, distorts our perception, corrupts our language, narrows our alternatives, limits our understanding, even as it massages and entertains our brains, reflecting the commercial and political agenda of those on high.

… How can you have any kind of democracy if the people are not informed, not being informed, and in fact being under-informed .. by a system that dumbs it down when we need it to smarten us up?"
- Danny Schechter ( )

“When journalists ignore abuses of the public language by people of influence and power, and reproduce without comment words that are intended to deceive and manipulate … when this happens journalism ceases to be journalism and becomes a kind of propaganda.”
- Don Watson: ‘Death sentence: The decay of public language’

“The influence of marketing shows itself in advertising and commerce, where we would expect to find it, and in politics and war, where its presence should surprise us … Marketing has no particular concern with the truth …

Awareness is the only defence against (this) creeping plague … (of abuse and manipulation of public language)."
- Don Watson

The need is for:

Open, not closed minds.
Skepticism … not cynicism.
Honesty … not hypocrisy & deception.
Diversity … not conformity or monopoly.
Truth & candidness … not spin or self censorship.
Evidence and proof … not claims & hearsay.
Information & facts … not just opinion.
Understanding … not just information.
Insight … not just understanding.
Wisdom … not just insight.
Responsibilities … not just rights.

And above all, ethics … not (self serving) amorality, greed or corruption.

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