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Is this a page redesign conspiracy by Red Bubble?

(Original message still shown below.)

Not a believer in conspiracy theories generally. But have to ask is this highly unpopular with members, new profile page design, now dominated by merchandising samples, actually intended to get members to pack up and leave Redbubble?

It is obvious to anyone what a joke the new page design is in terms of structuring page information. It basically belittles the artists’ presentation of their work.

What the hell is going on?? Listen to your members’ better judgment on this matter. After all their profile pages in theory belong to them!

(And as a separate question, when will Redbubblers be given the ability to choose which of the best of their work and which of the most appropriate of their designs will work best on the various different product types.

Many of those selected by RB itself with no discretion involved look absolutely ridiculous and could never appeal or sell.)

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