RB's over the top security - using 'square checking'

Driving me crazy!

Nowadays, finding I spend more time on trying to check squares to open my Redbubble account than actually posting photos!

WTF! Why is this over the top, excessive approach necessary?

Correctly checking one set of designated image components seems to never satisfy either … with multiple more brought on to replace them, delaying access even longer.

Stone the crows!

Damned irritating and surely not needed to this crazy making extent.

Redbubble's removals of images

Latest image to be automatically removed by Redbubble’s automatic search and destroy mechanism – without bothering to see if actually necessary or true or not – was an image of mine entitled ‘All American’.…

Redbubble took this down because of a supposed copyright action from the NFL (America’s national football league) who presumably claim to have the rights to this – what would appear to be totally generic – wording. ‘All’ and ‘American’??? (But that is a diversion given the simpler issue raised below)

The image simply showed a ‘public place’ photo of a non-NFL team playing on a local football field. With the title appropriately chosen, because this scene was so classically ‘all American’ in content and context.

This automated obsequiousness of RB is starting to get truly ridiculous! An

Is this a page redesign conspiracy by Red Bubble?

(Original message still shown below.)…

Not a believer in conspiracy theories generally. But have to ask is this highly unpopular with members, new profile page design, now dominated by merchandising samples, actually intended to get members to pack up and leave Redbubble?

It is obvious to anyone what a joke the new page design is in terms of structuring page information. It basically belittles the artists’ presentation of their work.

What the hell is going on?? Listen to your members’ better judgment on this matter. After all their profile pages in theory belong to them!

(And as a separate question, when will Redbubblers be given the ability to choose which of the best of their work and which of the most appropriate of their designs

And About Time! (Uncommon, overdue changes to RB)

Just saw the vastly improved Redbubble Home Page (and Artist Profile/Portfolio page options) for the first time. Why did it take so long? Finally re-joined the modern web design era.

The old home page was from day one a total bore, very staid and very uninviting. Suggesting nothing in the way of difference or unusualness in any way whatsoever.

Also finally got some decent text that better reflects the site and its content. ‘Uncommon Designs.’

Did a new marketing person just get appointed?

Should add as a final note that Redbubble also fails most often at marketing when it is clearly seen to be ‘trying too hard’ (to be hip/cool).

Good RB Designs ... Poor RB Mug Quality

(Just also posted in RB’s marketing forum)…

Clearly people love buying mugs for a host of reasons. A good thing for those wanting to sell products here on RB.

However, the availability of so many high quality and original designs on RB to place on these mugs, suggests that the quality of design and materials used in the actual mug/s themselves should at least match the excellence of the designs themselves.

The current mugs look the same as all the mass produced, print your own design mugs used everywhere. (Shiny surfaced ceramics, uninteresting texture, same tired handle and mug design and shape.)

So, if a discerning eye can find endless discerning designs and images here at Red Bubble, why would a smart marketer not suspect that they might also apply the same discerning eye to the actual

About Creativity and Intelligence


From an NPR broadcast today – studies show that in relation to the way our brains work:

  • Intelligence tends to travel the main highway in the brain in rather direct and linear fashion.
  • Creativity gets off the beaten track traversing side roads and laneways as well.
  • Humor correlates with creativity, not intelligence.
  • You need both to brainstorm effectively – right and left brain action – not just right alone. (And not something necessarily done to the highest quality or ability in ‘group’ brainstorming sessions.)

High intelligence (IQ scores) is not enough. Creativity brings into play other factors including being able to extrapolate effectively with what you know or consider, often resulting in the the unexpected, not the anticipated. The unexpected being a hallmar

One suggested 'photography promotion' and exposure option for Redbubble's Homepage

For what it is worth:

(1) To somewhat balance the current Redbubble focus on graphic art on its homepage, I cannot see why a modified version of the ticker tape photo images ribbon (previously used internally on RB) could not be placed in a visible place on a modified RB homepage design/layout … so as to feature some of the highest quality photography available. Hopefully at a scale that is both visible and practical, too.

But also with the ability to click on an image that you like, as it passes by, so as to have the capacity to instantly open up its relevant page and see it enlarged and available for less hurried viewing and potential purchase.

This way, on a daily or changing weekly basis, a lot more ‘images and ’product’ options for buyers/visitors could be presented a lot more effic

Response to Mieke-Inspired Discussion on Current State of RB and Its Community of Photographers

My response (some on a different path and considering RB at large) to a stimulating thread of personal comments, generated in response to a typically thoughtful post by Mieke Boynton, ‘New Hope for RB Photographers’ - the link to it is here:

“Good post Mieke.

Sales for photography are not the easiest to foster in the first place I sometimes feel, compared to functional applications of graphic artworks.

I hang in with RB because of the still many good people that choose to remain part of this community that constitute ‘never met in person’ friends of sorts. And the structure still works for me. As good a place as any to have set up a home for my selected images. Big effort involved to move to somewhere el

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