Idea - Film Network

I would like to develop an idea I have had for some time which is to create a film industry network. I want to provide a service to young filmmakers and those unsure of how to progress with their idea. The service would help filmmakers take steps in the right direction to have their concept or script become a reality in film.

There are currently government bodies that can provide financial funding for filmmakers but they take a huge percentage of the profit leaving it very difficult for filmmakers to make any money to live and to continue with their passion as a viable source of income.

My network would link people in the industry and put them in contact with the movers and shakers in the industry not only in Australia but also from around the world. I would compile a database of all film practitioners working in Australia so that everyone can be connected without having to pay agency fees. There would be no subscription cost crew wanting to be on the database. This database would be open to independent filmmakers as well as studios and fully financed private filmmakers. The idea is to break down the barriers between each niche and to create a film family that includes all filmmakers regardless of their past successes or failures.

The USA and the UK have thriving film industries and solid networks established already. I would like to see Australia taking more of a collaborative approach to the industry and joining together to help the industry grow and blossom.

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