sold: one domestic goddess

Tonight I headed down to the opening of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria’s “Collectors’ Exhibition” opening at Steps Gallery in Carlton. I didn’t know anyone else who had work included in the show, and being a Sunday night I didn’t hold too much hope of friends turning out, though I knew Chris had mentioned coming along.

Shortly after my arrival I came across him and we nattered and checked out the art. On getting to my work I found some folk closely eyeing both images and the page dedicated to me in the catalogue (as below). Chris mentioned they’d been doing that for a while.

Of course I was pleased, but ever the “don’t count your chickens” girl, I moved back around the exhibition and we perused other work, discussed other photographic stuffs, sampled the finger food and grabbed another glass of red.

I only noticed three photographs in the whole exhibition, and two of those were my own.

After conversation in the foyer, we returned to the show and out of curiosity I went to check my work, only to find a lovely red spot by Domestic Goddess

Although this isn’t my first print sold, it is my first print sold in a gallery show, and on the opening night, no less, so I am quite chuffed.

Here’s hoping that my other print will sell too :D

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