mooncruise* magazine

Well, it’s been somewhat delayed as you’ll be able to tell from the images included by me and the “featured work” description referring to my hope to exhibit the work as “my first solo show”, but mooncruise* magazine have finally released their new issue!

11 of the final 12 images that made up my solo show are included, along with 7 other images that didn’t make the cut and which I have not previously posted online at all.

The issue includes a wide range of work, from ultra-stylish fashion through gritty black and whites to very personal polaroids (and some of them “not safe for work”).

Easiest way to navigate through the magazine is to click on the names on the right then choose “slide mode on” or “slide mode off” depending on your preference (if you choose “off”, clicking on the black squares under the images will move you from one image to the next).

There’s also some nice ambient music to enjoy whilst your eyes feast upon the images, but if you’re at work or not into that sort of thing you can turn it off.

And if you wander further afield there is a gallery and A fashionmagazine* also on the site.


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