I am so sad reading about Sarah and her struggles with depression. There is no need for you Sarah, or LB, to suffer so much Get to a good GP; he will HELP YOU, and probably, as in my case, refer you on to a good paychiatrist. Mine is superb, Irish, and his medications keep me well! Blow that about not taking pills etc, YOU NEED THEM because bi/polar is physical as well, and you’d go to the Dr if your leg was broken wouldn’t you. ??? I am a chronic (pain, joke?) patient, and will always fight the bottom of the pit syndrome, and my close knit small group of friends are very understanding. “Bottom of the pit” being where I end up when really bad. Not often now tho. Please do this; and don’t worry about money either. A really good shrink will take a token fee. In my case f’rinstance, $10 per visit, mostly every two weeks. David is my second shrink, the first having just graduated and not experienced enough, whereas this guy teaches med. students at Melb Uni, and Drs at the Royal Melb Hospital, drs who want to go into psychiatry. I don’t believe a psychologist would be enough for you. Also, there is a marvellous book, (here’s the librarian!!) called
I HAD A BLACK DOG written and illustrated by Matthew Johnstone, pub lisher, Pan Macmillan Aust. It’s in picture story book form, and often quite good to show people when you’ve seen your doctor, and they (family i.e.) aren’t very sympatico. It helped with the guys who run my gym. I will do anythng I can to help you both, please think and act on this as it is heartfelt and I am in tears just typing it cos I know just how you feel. Love and hugs,
Bron ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

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