First day at my new job

Well today I started my new job.
And I’m still tired from it lol.
Yeah so to fill you in I work at subways and I’m in training. It’s pretty fun and somewhat easy, but very confusing at times. Also a bit dangerous but meh. But today it was just me *Charlie and *Candice, until *Bradley came in. (names have been changed for their protection). Bradley was funny, he made things very entertaining, he was easy to talk too and damn was he hot. lol he’s also the only guy that works at subways. I also got to meet a few of the other girls that worked there and boy was i glad that some of the girls were leaving. Like *Mindy. She’s always hated me for being friends with *Veronica, or the fact that I don’t like children very much. Either way I’m glad she’s leaving.
But it should be fun as long as I get to joke around with some people and have fun while I work.

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