18th Birthday

Gah! Tomorrow’s my 18th birthday. And I’m so tired. All the teachers keep dumping all this work on me and it feels like i’m being buried alive. TwT.
But tomorrow I’m taking the day off! I’m going up to Brampton to the train station to pick up my boyfriend. He’s one of my birthday gifts…other than a bruise on my arm from my friends, lol. But I’m taking him shopping with me and my parents.

While I’m out I’m going to have to get a new cell phone, so it wont cost my bf so much when he calls me. Instead we can just text each other.
Gah! >w< I’m so nervous and excited and anxious to see him. I’m kinda scared to about him coming down on the train and being in Brampton. But everything should be fine, or that’s what i keep telling myself.


What a stressful birthday eh?….

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