A bit about me. ^w^;;

My name is Lauren Renay Edna Stover. I was born Januray 18th, 1:50am, 1990. I was born in Fergus, where I lived in an apartment until I was 2.
I moved to a small town and lived there until I was 8, then moved to the town in which I’ve lived in now for 9 years.
Ummm…. w……I’m the middle child of 3 girls
I’ve had….6 boyfriends, 5 of which cheated on me that i know of, 4 dumped me , 1 I dumped because he spent Christmas in New York with a whole bunch of hookers and said he didn’t do anything with them, lol.
I’ve never broken any of my bones! knocks on wood
1 wedding, which i was the flower girl in. :)
I’ve been drawing in the japanese anime art style since I was 13, and now prefer it as the only style I draw in.
I was a tomboy as a child, always climbing on stuff and up walls.It was fun though. :)
I don’t remember my dad being around much when I was younger, nor do I remember being home a lot either. I always got in trouble in kinder garden, but I don’t remember why. Though I do remember being left out of alot of activites for no reason.
Like this one time it was winter and they were taking us outside to play in the snow. They were going out this coloured water-stuff to draw in the snow with, well I got pulled into the back of the line, and when it was finally my turn to get one they “ran out”. I know they hated me. The teacher told me “You’ll have to wait until someone else is done with their’s then you can play with it.” I waited against the wall for someone to hand me theirs, but when the teacher got them back they were all empty but this one red one. I was so happy cuz I thought I was going to get it, but she gave it to her daughter that was in the class and said, “Here you go were going inside in 5 minutes so you might as well use the rest of it.” I remember being excluded from alot of things, especially after I moved here. Like in grade 3, everybody was given some time on the computer but me. I had to learn my typing skills on my own, same with phonics (I just had to ask my mom to spell that for me cuz I didn’t know, lol>.<), yeah and come words I can’t spell either. I blame the government and the school boreds for lack of proper learning courses and lack of funding. Though my first school had much better funding then the one I transfered to. Though the teachers seemed to be the same…
By grade 4 I was into mythology. i was always bringing home greek mythology books from my schools library. And I loved them, which is why I took an ancient history course. Anyways…, Come grade 5 we were into egyptian and greek mythology. I had Mrs.Pilch. She was awesome! In her class we did so much art work, I loved it! I always got A’s in art…yet never won the art award at my school, which pissed me off. I had Mrs. Pilch again in grade 7 which was kind of a bad year. See from grade 4-..now, I was teased because I was “fat” which has affected me greatly and still does. It’s also part of the reason for my one breakdown and also helped me on to medication which only makes you worse. But what ever I’ll just be happy when I move from this town and get away from these people.

…..Yeah this doesn’t sound like a happy childhood much, eh? lol

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