Memories to Cherish

Memories of my Grandmother
God Rest her Soul

I remember being sick as a little girl.
Lying there on that old sofa in your cracker box house.
The ceiling fan spun slowly not even stirring the dust.
It was the cusp of summer and I was freezing with fever covered with
an antique quilt hand-stiched by your mother!

The black plastic strip on my forehead felt like thick tape cutting into my skin
The sound it made as you peeled it off with your wrinkled
fingers will remain in my auditorial memory forever

You were my mentor, my friend, my superhero!

You always had a smile and a word of wisdom or positive thoughts
A warm hug and kiss on the cheek could brighten even the grouchiest
of politicians

You were a short lady, but as tall as the heavens in my eyes
You were the best grandma ever
I am told that I am like you in many ways.
I hope that I can live up to those claims?

Thank you Ninny for making me a better person,
for teaching me to take the time and smile at the birds,
and the leaves that drift to the ground from an Autumn tree.
Thank you for the Easter egg hunts, and the silly Christmas gifts.
Thank you for the pale yellow car named Ellie that you refused to stop driving.
Thank you for the sewing lessons,
and for teaching me to appreciate sun-dried clothes on the line.
Thank you for showing me how to shuck peas
and collect chicken eggs from the coop.
These are the memories I will treasure always, and hopefully pass on one day to your great-grandchildren.
I know that you are smiling down on me right now.
I often feel your warm touch on my shoulder.

I miss you and love you and will never forget the life lessons you taught me.

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