How To Photoshop: Navigating the Program

Hey all,
Below are a list of easy keyboard commands for Photoshop. I’m using a regular PC (Windows) but if you use a mac, all of the controls will be different…and because I don’t have a Mac within reach, I can’t get the commands for that. Sorry Mac users!

Control + N = Opening a New Canvas
Control + O = Opening a new project from a different file (such as a photo)
Control + Z = Undo very last action; nothing past that.
Control + Alt + Z = Undo past actions; infinite.
Control + Shift + Z = Redo an action (that is, if you have already undone an action.)
Control + Shift + F = Fade… (This is a VERY useful tool that I just discovered about 2 minutes ago…For example, you draw something a little too light…do this command then you can make the brush stroke’s opacity darker! Again, VERY useful!)
Control + X = Cut
Control + C = Copy
Control + V = Paste
Control + Shift + V = Paste Into (Don’t know exactly what this does for sure yet but, apparently it’s useful?)
Control + I = Invert (makes a negative [or positive] of the image selected)
Control + A = Selects the whole canvas
Control + Shift + D = Reselects the part that was once selected, then deselected.
Control + D = Deselects the canvas
Control + – = Zoom Out
Control + + = Zoom In

And there’s plenty more but these are the basic necessary keyboard commands for Photoshop.


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