How To: Positively Negative

Thanks to an article in Popular Photography, I was able to learn this fun trick to change things up in your photos.

This feature should work in most types of Photoshop. I use regular ol’ Photoshop 7.0 so let me know if this doesn’t work for you and I will do my best to assit you in trying to figure this out.

1. Open Photoshop.
2. Open an image (go ahead, pick an image! any image!)
3. On the bottom, right hand part of your screen, you will see a box that has a picture of the image you opened and has three tabs: Layers, Channels and Paths.
4. On that image in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, right click the image and select, “Duplicate Layer”. A box will pop up with a prompt for a title of this new layer. Go ahead and name it if you’d like but it’s not necessary, so click the “OK” button.
5. Select the second layer (the one you just duplicated) and on your keyboard, hit the “Control” and “i” button at the same time. This will produce a negative (or inverted) version of your photo.
6. Click on the drop down button for the Layers Tab and click “Blending Options…”.
7. Under the “General Blending” area, select the drop down menu for “Blend Mode:”.
8. Select “Color”. Click “OK”.

And there you have it! A positively negative image! =D


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