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So I was in the library the other day and I was actually there to drop off some book donations. I was around browsing and saw a little sign that basically said if you have art to display, let this one lady at the reference desk know. So I immediately remembered my desire earlier to have my art displayed at other local libraries (I have 3 in my area).

I walked to the desk and they said the lady wasn’t there, but that they could take my information and that she’d call me back. They warned me it might be a little while until my art was displayed- they usually book people several months in advance. I nodded and said this was okay and then left.

As I got in the car, I then thought it’d be a good idea that when I went to go this other local library to renew a book, I’d inquire about getting my artwork displayed. So, I stepped up to the desk upon my arrival, told the librarian that I was there to renew a book. Once that was over, I gulped and took a deep breath and asked how I could get my art displayed. She pointed me to the reference desk and I headed over.

It was a slightly complicated process, but they wound up getting my name, phone number and what kind of art I do (photography) and then sent me off with a, “We’ll let Mrs. Alderfer know and have her call you back soon!”

And that was that.

I climbed back in the car and read over a couple of papers that the librarian gave me, regarding art displays. After I read it over, I got the novel idea to go over to the 3rd (and final) local library and see about displaying my art.

So, I went over there.

As I was walking in, I was quite aware of the fact about how dumb I could look just walking in and aimlessly wandering around if I chickened out (which, I was afraid I’d do). I went to the reference desk (I finally learned from the other two libraries!) and asked how I could get my art displayed. The lady at the desk didn’t know so she went off to ask another librarian who gave me the phone number of the volunteer who usually coordinates that. I walked out feeling like for some reason, my art would be displayed sooner than the other two libraries. So I drove home and as I did, I asked God that if this was His will, that He would make it clear to me that it was.

I got home and sat in the car for a few minutes debating if I should follow thru with being vulnerable to ask this volunteer if I should display my art in the library. I somehow did it though and the lady answered the phone.

Basically, she said she had October thru December booked…but she still didn’t have anyone to do the month of September and she then offerend that I could do that. And…(drum roll please!!)…I accepted!

So, for all who live in the Bucks County or surrounding areas, PLEASE come out to visit the Samuel Peirce Branch Bucks County Free Library for the month of September to see my Photography Art Display!

=D =D =D =D =D

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