Obsolete? Not by Any Means!

To my dearest Redbubblers!
I know I am not the most faithful poster or frequent commenter or whatnot. My most sincere apologies! This last year, especially the last few months, have been the most crazy, with it’s roller coaster-like ups and downs, I have been all over.

Some things that I have been up to in 2012 include of leaving my position as a car dealership receptionist to work at a company that travels from school to school to photograph student and faculty ID’s, and then leaving that job to work in a photography studio closer to my home…boosting my own photography business (changing it’s name, getting that business situated and advertising like crazy, etc!)…moving 35 minutes away from my hometown…having more people added to my family due to my mom’s remarriage…making the choice to not return to college this spring 2013 semester (due to all the craziness, moving out of the county, financial aid issues, and the understanding that God was calling me away from the field I was studying to pursue photography full time)….being active in my young adult group as an advisor to younger college students who are leading a Bible club on campus…and still finding time to spend with family, friends, God, and myself.

Also, about 4 weeks ago, I applied to an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep which is an all volunteer-based organization that provides remembrance photography for families whose baby (or babies) have died before, during, or shortly after birth. In some cases, the baby is still alive during the photo session, but they aren’t expected to live much longer after the session. It probably sounds morbid to those who have not ever had a child, or to even those who have, but never had their own child die before really being able to live long. I agree, at first it sounded the same way to me, but then the realization really hit me that if I was to give birth to a child who passed away, I WOULD want photos of him/her, because my memory of how he/she looks would fade over time, and being able to have photographs to cherish of the child that I did carry would be such a blessing. Dead or alive, that wouldn’t matter…it’d be the life of my child, and I would want to remember that as best possible, no matter how short.
I should (HOPEFULLY!) find out in about 2 weeks what the status of my application to be a volunteer photographer for them is! Regardless of if I am selected to photograph for them (though I REALLY DO HOPE that I am given this opportunity to do so!), I will continue to spread the word about this organization. Please do the same- you never know when you or someone you love may need to utilize such a thing.
For more information on Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, please visit their website at the link below:

What a year, right??
God is good in all of it, and I cannot wait to see the things that He will lead me to, and the places He will take me and the blessings He will bestow (and even the hardships, as it is through the hardships that we are refined and made more like Him!).

What have all of you been up to? What exciting things have come up?

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