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I am a creative who loves watercolor (not just digital, but the REAL stuff!), photography, creative hand lettering, and crafts in...


Obsolete? Not by Any Means!

To my dearest Redbubblers!
I know I am not the most faithful poster or frequent commenter or whatnot. My most sincere apologies! This last year, especially the last few months, have been the most crazy, with it’s roller coaster-like ups and downs, I have been all over.…

Some things that I have been up to in 2012 include of leaving my position as a car dealership receptionist to work at a company that travels from school to school to photograph student and faculty ID’s, and then leaving that job to work in a photography studio closer to my home…boosting my own photography business (changing it’s name, getting that business situated and advertising like crazy, etc!)…moving 35 minutes away from my hometown…having more people added to my family due to my mom’s remarriage…making the choice to no

Long time, No post!! =(

Hey Everyone!
So sorry for going so long without a post…life has a bad habit of getting in the way. ;)…

I had foot surgery on June 9th, 2009 and have been recovering from that pretty well. Due to the surgery, I have been out of work, and because of that, I have been able to brain storm ideas for photo shoots and even do a few mini-sessions! =)

I am still working on my Seven Deadly Sins project. So far I still only have Wrath and Sloth completed, but will hopefully have Envy completed by the end of this week or next week.

I also wanted to post two big-ish events!
One- I won my first challenge earlier this week! I was only voted in the top ten, however it is a start!! I want to personally thank all who voted for my image, which you can see here

Two- I will be shooting my second wedding on Octo

Help needed!

Hey everyone!
I’m currently working on doing an AWESOME photoshoot inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.
I have so many wonderful ladies (10 to be exact) modeling for me (I have doubled up on models for most of the sins). I also have many wonderful and fun ideas for the sins, too!

But, I would really like to get other peoples views so that I can get even more inspired! If you have a few minutes, please take this survey and help out with this photoshoot!!

All answers are anonymous and I won’t know who submitted which answers at what time. So no need to worry about that. =)

Please, if you have any questions, ideas or the like…please respond to this or send me a bubblemail!

Thanks for helping!! =D


Just a little announcement/update...

=D =D =D…

So I was in the library the other day and I was actually there to drop off some book donations. I was around browsing and saw a little sign that basically said if you have art to display, let this one lady at the reference desk know. So I immediately remembered my desire earlier to have my art displayed at other local libraries (I have 3 in my area).

I walked to the desk and they said the lady wasn’t there, but that they could take my information and that she’d call me back. They warned me it might be a little while until my art was displayed- they usually book people several months in advance. I nodded and said this was okay and then left.

As I got in the car, I then thought it’d be a good idea that when I went to go this other local library to renew a book, I’d inquire about ge

One wedding down and hopefully more to go!

Hey guys!
Just wanted to follow up with a quick note to let you all know that the wedding went really well! I had a blast, the ceremony was beautiful, the bride was absolutely STUNNING and the groom and bride both had a really fun time!

I have some photos posted on here, but believe me…that isn’t NEAR the end of them!
I took a total of 826 photos!!
So yeah, I’ll be a while. But right now, all my favorites are up.

Enjoy the visual feast and feel free to comment and critique! I need feedback- this was my first wedding and I need others to give me 100% honest opinions.

Thanks you guys!

Wedding Photography Pricing Help Needed!!

Hey Everyone!
I have a HUGE request of all photographers out there…mainly wedding photographers but if you’re not a wedding photographer, that’s fine. I won’t reject your advice. :)
I have so far booked two weddings— and my first one is in August (the second is about a month later in September)!
I have created a nice website, where the couples can see my work in a more professional setting. However, I really need to get crackin’ on these prices…
As a wedding photographer, what do you charge? (PLEEEASE be nice and try to list it in USD…haha.) Do you charge per hour, per image taken, per image printed, or what??
I need as many tips as possible! Should I do like a flat fee, that covers camera rental cost (cause I want to rent one thats better than the one I currentl…


Hey guys,
Just thought I’d write a quick note saying…
I’ve been hired to do Will and Julie’s wedding photography!

:D I am so excited! Much thanks to Will and Julie for asking me to do their wedding photos!!


On a Roll!

Hey guys!
I’m really excited! I basically finished tweaking my “bubblesite” which can be seen at the following link:

Also, tomorrow (Sunday, February 15th) I find out from one couple if I am doing their wedding or not. I hope I am, so I’m kind of nervous about what’s to come! I also have had two other wedding (and engagement photo!) opportunities come up. I’m really excited and I hope that all works out for me to do these! :D

I’m especially happy because this means more work to add to my portfolio! Yay. :)

That’s all for now…just FYI though, I’m on the look out for a great digital SLR with a manual focus (and an auto focus option) so, if anyone knows where I can get a really reliable one for relatively cheap…PLEEEASE let me know…not that I’m desperate or anythi

Engagement Photos Posted!

Hey everyone!
The engagement photo shoot was absolutely fabulous and really fun! I posted 20 pictures (out of a total of 133! haha). Please comment, critique…whatever…just feedback in general is always awesome!
Much thanks for your support and for Julie and Will, for allowing me to do this for them!! :D

Hope to do this in the future! :)

Engagement Photos

Hey guys,
I need your help. I was asked to do some photos for a couple at my church who recently got engaged. Any ideas as to poses or websites I could at to get ideas for this?

Much Thanks!

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