Brittany Shinehouse

Telford, United States

I am a creative who loves watercolor (not just digital, but the REAL stuff!), photography, creative hand lettering, and crafts in...

Creative Writings

Word Eight: Innocence

Rebecca stood waiting with her hands beside her body, head titled. Her green eyes sparkled with a curiosity that Charlotte loved to see.

Word Seven: Heaven

Once filled with fear, she now stood her ground.

Word Six: Breaking Away

Devon never dreamed he’d be part of something so frowned upon, something so despicable.

Word Five: Seeking Solace

A gust suddenly ripped through the trees, catching his attention. Looking up, he saw a light, and curiosity grew within him.


He knew that precious time was being wasted. He grabbed his face mask, threw it on, and ran out the door.


Rachel didn’t know how to react at first when she came face to face with the intruder in her home. She knew that if she wanted to protect h…


Folding her hands and squeezing her eyes shut, Alaithia would lay and quietly speak to Jesus


His eyes fell to his wrinkled hands, and the glare from his gold wedding band seemed to mock him. Life had changed since Mary had gone.

Stinky Senior Prom

I had a guy whom I was dying to go with, but I wasn’t about to ask him! What if I were to be rejected? No, I chose a more subtle (and safer…

Do You Know?

Always asking, never ceasing to compare, / We compare ourselves to those around us, / Revealing only what we want them to see.

One More Minute

It’s a lesson thats never new, nor never old. / Always preached, never practiced.

Merely a Snapshot

So many things are out there, calling for the camera…

Delusional Monks

All of the sudden, I couldn’t believe what I saw before me.

Stealing Family Heirlooms

The coast was clear so I went for the gold…or, in this case, the plate…
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