Kind Acts of Randomness

When I was down at the bluesfest, on the Saturday I wore a T by Flower68. practice kind acts of randomness and I had so many good reactions to it, I was stopped by a few peole to get shots with it, I had people walking by and I could see them smiling at it, went to the cloakroom and the girls there loved it so much, they put the words up on a big board, had one girl come over from, this may have something to do with her comment, the Jim Beam tent and looked at it, pondered it a bit then said “na ….too deep for me, man”. I was standing outside one of the bars, just randomly standing there of course :) when this guy missed the rubbish bin with his chewing gum and stopped and picked it up, I said to him that not many people would do that and he replied that he wouldn’t like to stand on some gum and get it on his boots, then he noticed the T and we both laughed and I said to him that he had just done one………cool……so, not only a great T but a great way to meet people………and instant feedback for flower…………ciao

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