A Kind Act of Randomness

I just got home from work and feeling pretty tired but it will still take awhile to wind down from the day. Left this morning around 10 to start work at 12 down in Brisvegas, had the usual busy day at work, we are trying to catch up with things at the moment, we have a few people waiting for procedures and the push is on to get through as many as possible, which means plenty of people working long hours under quite a bit of duress, we also had a patient with some problems late in the day and there was quite a lot of activity with that, hopefully there will be a good result there. Finished at 8/30 a cruised off up the highway, ran into the usual roadworks before the Bribie turnoff and got held up for about 15 minutes and then continued on, I was just going thru Ningi when I noticed the steering a little funny and a bit of noise around the back, slowed down and figured that I had a puncture. Luckily the servo was just about to close and the girl there, Karen, was more than kind and got out the air hose for me and I checked the tyre, bummer, big hole, must have picked up something on the roundabout, but whatever. Tried to buy something to fix the puncture but there was nothing available, so I was thinking about getting a taxi home and then Karen offered to drive me home to Bribie, such a nice thing to do, thanks so much Karen……a kind act of randomness…….bugger of a day but I have been left with a lovely glow from it and hopefully I have made another friend……..think I will drop off a bottle of wine in appreciation……..and one of my cards……..lol………method to my madness…………….ciao

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