Another Ekka Bites The Dust

Yes, it’s all over for another year but what an Ekka that one was. Record breaking crowds, great weather during the days, bit chilly at night, stalls selling out of ice creams, so many people worked so hard, the volunteers are to be congratulated and forever thanked by myself for their efforts. I had many elderly volunteers who went way over and above the call, we were short on some days and they would just say " it’s ok Damo, we can do a bit more", so selfless. Our young ones can and should learn a lot from being around them, I know that we had a lot of young people there and I am sure they would have taken something away from the experience. So, Lew, Mavis, Bill, Tom, Wally, Val, Jean and all the too many of you to mention, thanks so much. I myself, pretty well enjoyed the experience, there were a couple of tough days and we had some organisational problems to sort but that happens here and there, things to be learned. I always think that a problem is just that, a problem, something to be worked out, moved on from and learned from, so we have some lessons that will be invaluable for next year if we learn from our experience this year. I had a lovely finish to it all, with my daughter and some friends coming in Saturday night and finishing the stall with me, we all went for a cruise round the ekka after we finsihed, some did rides, I did the music with a couple of cans of Bundy Lime, then we all went up to the Stockmans Bar, shivered a little under the lamps and watched the fireworks, I had been there 10 days and not seen them, so that was cool. Went back to my daughters and crashed the night and Sunday I went to southbank and had lunch and spent the afternoon in the company of a very nice lady, was such a lovely way to finish it all. So, it was a fortnight, did about 1600 klm on the bike, about 250 to 300 Klms on my feet, sold a shitload of icecream, that’s the only way I can put it politely, met, saw, talked to, talked at, spruiked to, thousands of people, man, I am pretty happy right now. Ciao.

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