The Art of Retouching --> Are we all too Fake

I recently had some professional shots done of myself and my family for mum for christmas and when the shots came back all of my sunspots and the like had been smoothed right out. Now it looks great and all but I have alot of spots and I love them because they define me and so I asked for the photo of myself to be redone (which I am pleased to hear will get done) with all my hidious spots and all because they are me and they are my personality!

But it struck me as odd because I was told that most people like to have all their blemishes smoothed out but I like my imperfections and everyone elses imperfections because it makes us all individual. And so I was thinking has society taken us to a point now where we are expected to be perfect and imperfections are just removed at a click of a button. I for one can’t look at magazines without wondering what that person looks like when they wake up in bed! Its all too fake for me.

The reason Im writing this though is because I was wondering if any portrait photographers out there could share some insight into what the standard procedures are and what is the norm these days. I’d be interested to know?



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