Help! Stolen Art!

Today is a sad day. I put up a fairly large show yesterday afternoon- 18 acrylic paintings, 8-9 collages for Lowell Open Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. This morning when I went in I found out, to my dismay, that two of the collages were just GONE. Hmm, were they misplaced? No. Thorough searching revealed this not to be the case. It was a locked residence, never happened before. I was told, “gee, you should take this as a compliment. Someone liked your art enough to steal it.” So, that ’s where it ends? As artists we take risks every time we put it up. Our precious works are subject to being stolen, damaged, mishandled. Compensation? Insurance? No. Sorry. Take a good look at Pondlife in my portfolio. Gone. Then look at Jungle Temple. Also gone. Unfortunately, we are all at risk. :( Well, I am off to put up signs incase anyone spots the “missing” work. (If you spot it anywhere, let me know. Its signed, numbered and titled on the back.)

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