2 Sales Again ! Thank you (((B))) !

I was so Blessed to become the first-time buyer for an extremely good artist here before I went to bed the other night. After getting home from work this evening, I noticed I had made another sale. Not just 1 sale, but 2 sales to (((B))) aka as Butchart I really believe that (((B))) will become RedBubble’s very own personal philanthropist. He has made it his mission (as far as I can tell) to support, encourage and assist so many artists here. He is well able to communicate himself in prose, poetry, art and photography. And he still finds time to purchase from so many other artists. I am ever so thankful and remain humble as a diligent artist seeking to express myself and perfect my craft within my passion. Thank you so much (((B))) for being who you are : ) He chose to purchase Funky Blue Grass
and Abstract for Butch

I was going through my folder to delete trash and just happened to upload Funky Blue Grass at the last minute. I did Funky Blue Grass over 3 weeks ago and did not like it at all. Last night when I looked at it, I thought it did not look as bad as I thought it did. That was a lesson to me. You really have no idea of what someone else will like or be able to gain from your work. Thank you (((B))) and Susan Epps for reminding me of that : ) It is very much appreciated. I love you (((B))) and I look forward to passing on this love to other artists as well. You get so much more when you “GIVE” to others. (((B))) should be to overflowing at this time. I hope the readers of this journal will increase in multiple sales from their portfolios : )

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