Feeling insprired

Last night, I saw Neil Gaiman doing a reading/Q&A in Melbourne. I met him (sort of, it was more like I gave him a book, he signed it, off I went) and got a very blurry photo of the two of us, courtesy of my scratched iPhone camera, and the fellow who took it.

My fiancee has decided to start up her own business, and she is getting very crafty and very busy.

These two things have made me realise it is time for me to do something as well. So I am. I’ve started going over the draft/s of my book. Reading/re-reading, writing/re-writing. Chapter One is already on here. I’m in the process of adding Chapter 2 later today. I’m hoping that people will not only read it, but also comment on it. I would like to know what people think. Thanks for reading. . .

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