Life! A Mothers Struggle

I see the Mothers struggling all around the earth, I feel the pain and anguish which engulfs them to the point of utter hopelessness. These woman know pain from personal experience, they know the void into which their spirit retreats, when pain is too great to bare. They hear their loved ones silent screams, in their dreams by night and daylight brings no rest from their plight, even if they don’t see these things happen in the natural, these screams still haunt them in their visions by day. These screams made much worse as they mix with their own for the life they themselves, have endured. They see their children starving, being sold as slaves for laborers or as sex slaves. They feel their children being ripped from their breasts and destroyed, some of them still babies, some though adults; still babies in their mothers eyes. They hear their babies blood crying out to them from out of the ground. Blown up by bombs or shot where they stand, the mothers ring their hands in desperation. Is their anyone to help, is their anyone who cares? Is their anyone who understands how we feel, is their anyone who will listen?

Grandmothers, watching and mourning as they see their children and then their grand children and even their great grand children, following the lead of the Usurper. Grandmothers who know from personal experience, the road these children are being dragged down, has the signposts of Fear, Pride, Hatred, Rejection, Shame, Unforgiveness, Adultery, Control, Idolatry, Lust, Greed, Murder, Violence, War, Retribution, Injustice and Torture. This road has only one end, Destruction, of themselves, their children, their cities, countries and eventually, the whole earth.
Will anyone listen ? ? ?

There is one who listens and one to whom we can go to, for comfort of our aching, breaking hearts. One who knows exactly how we feel. One to whom this same thing has happened through all the generations of mankind and to whom it is still happening to, today. Who is this one who understands because he has been there? This is the one who created the Heavens and the Earth, the one who created mankind in his likeness and image, so he could grow children of his very own, children who he could have an intimate relationship with. One who so longed to have children of his own that he gave his own created Son, born of a woman, as a sacrifice, to pay the ransom, so all mankind, who would believe, could be saved.

Desperate times, call for desperate measures, and witnessing the destruction being reeked on his beloved children, by his adversary, was the most desperate of times for our Heavenly Father. He tried sending messengers, they didn’t stand a chance against the people who were so brainwashed by the Devil and so hostile to all things good, that they stoned, tortured, destroyed their spirit and killed or maimed the bodies of these messengers. In desperation the Father sent his most precious created Son, to earth thinking ‘Surely they will have respect for my Son and repent from their sins. As the Father had given ruler ship over the earth and all things on it to mankind and because he gave mankind their own free will, to come to him because they chose to, not because there was no other way, there had to be a choice in this as well. If mankind chose to repent and choose Jesus, instead of Barrabas, Jesus would not have had to experience the torture and destruction of his human body, by human hands, who were being lead by his adversary, the devil, another sacrifice would have been supplied. Just as another sacrifice was provided by God to Abraham, when he chose to be obedient to his Heavenly Fathers commands. It wasn’t Jesus who was disobedient to his Fathers’ commands, it was mankind’s wrong choices which decided the ways Jesus and mankind would have to travel, in this great battle to save mankind.

If mankind had chosen Jesus and believed the truths he bought to earth for their salvation, mankind wouldn’t have had to endure the destruction and torture they bought on their own heads because of their believing the devils lies and following after them. Unfortunately mankind refused to believe these truths so allowed the devil to further instill destruction onto the earth and the whole of our Heavenly Fathers Creation, to the point, which mankind has reached now, the brink of the total annihilation of the whole universe. When are we going to learn truth, love and justice? Whatever we feed on the earth is going to grow, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically, all things which get fed and exercised, are by design going to grow. Who is taking the responsibility to sow, feed and nurture the things which will through repentance, bring about Salvation???

Who among the leaders of the earth, has the backbone to stand up for truth, put their people and their nations before their love of money and control? Who has the intestinal fortitude to trust the Almighty God’s ability to protect all those who will put him first in their and their nations agenda? What good is a bomb, even on the scale of Hiroshima against the power of the one who created, sustains and can order the destruction of the entire shebang? The one who although possessing all this awesome power, sent a part of himself as a lamb for a sacrifice to save any who will reach out to the hand he still has out, offering love, forgiveness, truth, joy, peace, goodness, grace, mercy, freedom, faith, hope, authority, victory, comfort and renewal of all things. Victory is still in the Fathers hands and will be in the hands of any who will believe it and receive it. Just because many choose not to believe truth, truth is truth and will stand the test of time, time, also is in the Fathers hands and works hand in hand with everything else which is in them.

Everyone is so busy trying to point out the faults in others, they have not been looking at their own faults and the faults of their nation. Every Nation on the face of the earth, have been following the lead of evil and there is much in every nation, which is appalling to the Almighty God and the state of our earth, is, a consequence of this, it is a testimony to this fact. Not only have we upset the natural order of things, causing global warming, we have also brought to near depletion the natural gases, oil and coal, which fuels the great, molten, fire in the center of our earth, we worry about global warming, what is going to happen, when because of mankind’s greed and lust, this great fire which warms our earth, runs out of fuel to keep it burning and it goes cold and lifeless? Do we need to be worrying about global warming or global freezing, because of our rebellion against the one who can direct us in the way we need to go to be saved??
People arise out of the stupor evil has clouded our understanding with and fight with all you are to get back to the place of favour you were designed to occupy with the Almighty Creator of all things. This fighting is not against flesh and blood, it is against spirits and powers of the unseen realm and can only be fought in the spirit, with spiritual weapons, in the Lords hands and the only way to do that is through Jesus Christ.

What true Mother, would deliberately turn around and destroy the children she so lovingly bought into this world? All Mothers who love their children only want the best for them and Mothers being under the influence of evil, only act by the knowledge and understanding they possess. The Almighty knows all things and designed every one of us with the potential to be his beloved children. A Family of his own, adopted into the greatest Family ever known, to rule and reign with him, would he deliberately destroy us??? Each one for a different purpose and so designed from the beginning to fulfill this purpose, if we will just put him first and believe and receive all he has for us, don’t faint, continue to stand in his word, love and truth and we will see the victory he has planned for us from the beginning.

Stop looking at others differences, they were created for a different purpose to you and because of this they are different to you. None of us can protect ourselves from the power of evil, without the help of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The sooner we realize this fact and ask forgiveness from our sins, ask the Father to come into our lives and the lives of our loved ones, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, then ask for the Holy Spirit, to lead us and guide us, the sooner mankind will start to live in peace and companionship with our Heavenly Father our fellowman and our place of abode, wherever that may be.

Mankind’s interference in the way the earth is ordered, has bought nothing but destruction, so now we need to not do anymore interfering, until we get clear guidance from the Almighty as to what, if anything, we can do to curb the affects our disobedience has wrought on our place of abode. Only the Lord knows what bought us to this place and what can be done to repair, renew or replace our place of abode. Only he can bring this into being. This is the point mankind needed to get to, to realize what the true consequences of their disobedience would bring on their own heads, so they would never, ever want to go there again.

Sad to say, even with all this, there will still be people who choose not to believe what the Almighty says and these people who are so under the influence of evil, will pay the ultimate penalty for their disobedience and that will be eternity in damnation with the evil of all evil and his horde. There is no other choice, the choice is God or Devil.
Even the Angels in heaven had to witness what the disobedience of mankind, who in their lower station in life than they, would cause to not only the earth, but the whole of Creation, to remind them, so they would never want to take the path, mankind in their deceits have walked down. Even though mankind were created a little lower than the angels from the beginning, all those who be obedient and learn to overcome evil on this earth, will be glorified, just as Jesus was and will be made higher than the angels in heaven and will be adopted as children of the Most High God, Creator of all things and will be over even the Angels in Heaven. Is it any wonder our Heavenly Father allows us to go through the rigorous testing we are put through on the earth???

Every little cell of evil, has to be separated out and destroyed, even one little seed of evil, if left, can grow and multiply, just as leaven in bread. Lucifer is the best example of what evil can do, not only to yourself but also for all those who are around you and choose to believe what you inject into them and their lives. Following after his lies and deceits have bought mankind to the very brink of their own destruction and the destruction of the whole of creation. Surely mankind can open their eyes and see they are on the brink of the greatest chasm of all, the gulf between Heaven and Hell, the one which forever separates them from love, truth and justice and forever drops them into the pit of continual torture? Eternity is a long, long time, some must really enjoy torture to not be screaming and running for the hills as fast as they can.

There have been many false God’s set up by evil, with a semblance of truth, to lure and hoodwink any who will follow. All people regardless of religion, tradition, nationality, influence, coercion, belief, fear, deceit or condemnation, need to search for the truth of the highest Authority, the Creator of all creation and ask his help in walking in his ways. In all things, we have a choice with our Heavenly Father, not so with the one who wants to imprison us in his hell, choose wisely, with Heavenly Wisdom, the fate of your eternal life is at stake.

The true heart of a Mother, comes down from the Almighty God, just as everything else. His heart bleeds for every single person on the earth and desires only good for them. None of us can help anyone who wont believe or receive the help we desire to give them. Neither can the Almighty help those he desires to help, when we don’t trust him and turn our back on him and walk away, we walk out from under his protection and straight into the traps evil sets for us.

Mankind have a saying, ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ This is another great lie. The Almighty God has absolute power and authority, over everything, yet he is pure, with pure motives of love, truth and justice. Because of this, he relinquished his dominion over it, to mankind and has also been confined by mankind’s wrong choices. He is not a dictator, he gave mankind their own free will, he set before them Life or Death, Good or Evil, God or Devil, in the hope we would choose him. In the Bible we can find the road to either destination, depending on the desires of our heart, when we read it. If we choose to believe in an eye for an eye, instead of love and forgiveness, then this is the path we will travel down unless we see the error of our ways, repent and turn back to the road which leads to him. Most of us go down dead end roads in our life and have to turn back and get on the right road which leads to our desired destination. This is also true in the spiritual realm. We can choose not to believe any of it and turn our backs on the whole thing, the thing about this is that the Almighty because he is a gentleman, will respect our choice, the devil, however, will not and will drag us into the pit of destruction with him and because of our choices, we will walk blindly after him, singing, dancing and prancing our way, until the gates of hell are shut behind our backs and there is no way out. That is when the reality of what we have done will overtake us and we will realize the full consequences of our actions, too late to change directions then, we need to set the right course for our life while we still can and reach for it with all we have.

Don’t let yourself be lured over to the side of evil, by continuing to let the evil things in life take over your hearts and minds. Set your course and keep searching until you arrive. No matter the difficulties you have to overcome, you will never be alone if you stay your mind on the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

May the Almighty God grant you your hearts desires,
May he strengthen you to stand, even in the toughest temptation,
May his truth, glory, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, mercy, grace and peace,
Guide your every step.
May his love and joy, gently enfold you and carry you on, over the roughest terrain,
May he give you understanding to choose wisely, for the destination of your choice.
If you fall, may the Almighty lift you up and set you on your way again,
until you reach your desired destination.

Father please lead all those who will come, down the narrow road which leads to you.
Thank you Lord that you have promised to never leave or forsake, all those who come to you.
Please help us to never leave you.
Thank you Lord that you have the ability to bring good out of every tragedy,
Please do the same in this.
May Your Bride be ready to stand in your love.
In Jesus Mighty Name,
Amen and Amen

Life! A Mothers Struggle


Dubbo, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

The Life and death struggle for mankind.

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