Back from NYC

It’s now Thursday, and I arrived back from New York on Monday…
Coupling jetlag and general business, it’s taken me this long to actually tell you all (probably around 4 people) about it.

I set off on the Sunday, a week preceeding (20th), and after an aggonising 7 hour flight where I indulged in free booze and an array of films/shows on the 10’ screen in front of me, I arrived; along with Sam and Ben, who none of you will know.

Immediately we were greeted with the politeness of American security, pushing and pulling us through queues; questioning us on our purpose and mocking me when asking what I had been studying at University. Ben was taken aside into a different room, followed by a man with a rubber glove hanging from his back pocket… sadly it wasn’t to be used… Ben merely had a similar passport number to someone in the US… THEY’RE NUMBERS… OF COURSE THERE WILL BE SOME SIMILAR!!

Anyhow, after more searches and surveys, we were out into the city; well after 2 trains from Queens to Manhattan. Everything seemed to move at a different frame rate from what I was used to back home (England-just in case) We walked through and then alongside Central Park up to 106th street (west) where we checked into our Hostel (classy right?)

The hostel smelt just like a Deli back home, aptly named ‘The New York Deli’. After checking in and choosing beds, we decided to go for a wander around Manhattan and ended up in Times Square. Bloody marvellous, made friends with this American girl named Andrea in the Billabong there, I tell you what… they LOVE the English accent out there, constantly asking us to quote lines from Harry Potter… while we pretend we don’t love the attention. That night we went back to the Hostel and watched a Comedy show downstairs in the Cellar, some amazing and mostly AWFUL acts that night. Randy was the best, a train wreck of a comic, each joke failing more so than the one it followed.

I can’t remember what we did each day in what order, so I shall bring the lineality of this journal to a hault and just tell you I visited all the main sites and museums and galleries. Had an amazing time. Met some amazing people. Discovered Beer Pong. Went to an amazing club where I saw 2 shit bands, 2 great cabaret acts, 1 great gay performer and spent a ridiculous amount on alcohol.

Before I upload the few snapshots I actually have, I’d like to thank the amazing people I met, Hostel’s are great for that, if not the crappy breakfast and infestations. So thanks firstly to Sam and Ben and then to the foreignors: Natalia, Cameron, Ursa, Ula, Hektor, Marcus… haha I’ve actually forgot all their names. Brilliant.


View from Central Park

Apprantly we British are ’’Nazi’s"

Sam went to the top to get our tickets for the Hockey game.

Coney Island=dead on a weekday

Sam peeing into Bens mouth…

Empire State Building… I went to the top… used the toilet there.

Views from 86th (though I went to the 102nd)





Sam and Ben, at the top.

Proof that I was there too…. with Ben

Spiderman, hanging out outside Sony Wonderlab (AMAZING)

Inside MOMA (moma was awesome)

Lots of penis art inside MOMA

This image was alot more explicit at the bottom… photos of open curtains… if you know what I mean.

Ben checking some guy out


View from the Met… I didnt think much of the Martini roof garden

Some buildings

Times Circle… yeah, you like what I did there? Yeah you do :]

I got a little carried away with the image posting.
Tshirts and stuff to follow.

Gutted I came back :\

Thankyou for reading, means alot.

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