First attempt at Digital Painting

When I travelled back up to Cardiff for my final term, I bought a magazine called Advanced Photoshop, because I had the latest issue of Bizarre… it was the image on the front that intruiged me, I had never read a magazine on photoshop before… I skimmed through other photoshop mags before purchasing this ‘advanced’ one, to see if the techniques shown were basic, and they were…

Anyway, they spoke alot about digital painting… so I thought I’d give it a crack.

This is my first attempt.

This was done by creating a silhouette, then using the burn and dodge tool to give it shading, like a normal pencil drawing. then adding a layer of colour and tweaking the shading; before finally adding a face… because I knew not to attempt to draw one as it would suck.

So yeah, I wanna get better at digital painting, it’s pretty fun.

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