It's mine! Back I say!

Well, yes. I can echo everything you all have been saying about the sparse allocations of 5D’s…. It would seem that Canon deems Perth (or Australia I assume) not worthy of receiving such a glorious piece of technology and sent them all to the US, Asia, and Europe. Maybe they still think of us all as Ned Kelly wannabees, or riding around on kangaroos and putting shrimp on the barbie…

Or maybe all of the people at the factory wanted one, and they never left the loading docks… Either way, I have mine now, so I can stop complaining about there not being any and let all of you who are still complaining know how they are :)

First impressions: I agree with EOS20 100%. Feels very good in the hand, exceptional build quality. (but i can’t compare it to the 50D because i don’t have one of those…). And everything else he said was right on the money.

I did get a battery grip and an extra battery so i had the ability to go out and start shooting some photos. The long and short of it being wow…

I’m big into macro, so i slapped on my 100mm f/2.8, without a flash, because I was lazy and went out searching. The first time you take a photo and look at it in that big screen, (assuming you got your DOF right of course :) make sure you hold on to your camera, you may just drop it.

Now I upgraded from a 40D so this is a huge improvement in every aspect. And I had my settings on 1/125th sec f/7.1 and iso 6400 (I left the flashes in the house, remember) and maxing out the iso (not including H1 and H2) i wasn’t expecting much, but the first few shots are just incredible.

The amount you can zoom in to see every detail (when you review the picture), the lighting, even the great sound the camera makes when you depress the shutter button. Canon got this one way right.

So much more I could say. But I think I’ll just upload some photos and let you see for yourselves. And I’m still playing with it, but if you guys want to know anything specific, please bubblemail me. And I can’t wait to have a reason to try the 5DII with my other purchase the new 16-35mm f/2.8 II L…..

I suppose the last thing I should mention that is annoying, and not Canon’s fault. Adobe Lightroom has not released 2.2 with the 5DmkII support yet, so I’m stuck using the Included software till then. Come on Adobe, pull your fingers out…

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