Alright, I really need some help with this, I’m having just a Bit of trouble with this infrared filter and the images coming out correctly. I’m not an expert when it comes to technical terms, but I’ve managed up until this point. I have an Olympus e500 dslr 58mm and am trying to work with this Hoya R72 IR filter, but I cant seem to get the exposure right. I’ve gotten only a couple good shots and I think it was pure luck. I’ve tried different shutter speeds, iso, white balance, even manual lighting with different light sources (besides the sun). Everything continues to come out too dark. I know you can’t meter images when you can’t See the visible light, so I’m stuck. I know the camera doesn’t have an ir block because its worked before, (I even tested it on a tv remote control, it was pretty cool actually).

Suggestions please before I toss the lens out the car window….

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