The jump

Let’s see, today I went skydiving for the first time, what a rush! Temperature-42 degrees, height-14,500 ft, speed-120mph equals-one human popsicle. It was breathtaking. Little bit of a funny story happened (which I don’t really find too amusing-But…) The camera guy is joking before the jump, yea, hope the camera doesnt freeze up up there from the cold ‘haha’. You’ll Never guess what happened next….the camera froze up, so needless to say, no video, not that im that dissapointed, the whole thing is burned into my memory. Too bad you can’t take your own camera up there. Advice to everyone, throw yourself out of something really high in the sky, at least once in your life (tethered to something else of course ;), completely worth it.Hmmm, whats next? I see a long flexible cord tied to my ankle in the near future hehe

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