Challenging inspiration

Just getting the hang of how to use this complicated piece of equipment (my camera) and now trying to learn how to use the even More complicated piece of equipment-PSPX (no, not photoshop, I’m not That sophisticated haha). I guess its easier to get my feet wet in something I can break without worrying about going bankrupt. I’m glad I ran into this site, the Quality of everyones art is so much better here than I’ve seen in other places, it’s refreshing. I hope no one gets offended if I try an idea from their photo, I’m open to pretty much all creative ideas, besides, imitation is the best form of flattery-right? But I just wanted to put it out there that any feedback, be it for better or worse, is welcome, going on trial and error with these shots, especially with manipulation, takes alot of time to get the details right…whew!
Fortunately, there are places like this where you can share your view and interpretation of the world, through a lens.

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