Hmmm, lets call it- confessions of an adrenaline junkie.

It is an addiction, you know that feeling when you get off a rollercoaster and just Have to get back on…yea.
Doing something sneaky, stealing…the threat of getting caught, knowing at any minute someone might catch you in the act-whatever that might be.

Hanging over the edge of a railing-of a bridge, by just your legs, knowing that just one wrong shift could tilt you over. Riding a bike downhill at full speed standing up with no hands (now that I think about it, had I hit one crack in the cement, it would’ve sent me flying into every hard surface around).
Driving as fast as the car can take you over a long (or preferably short) stretch of road and wonder what could possibly give first, a tire or your nerves. That’s my favorite, maybe because it reminds me of being on a plane during takeoff, the feeling of being pushed back into your chair from the sheer speed and momentum of a jet engine. Skydiving…hmmm, jumping out of a perfectly good plane-60 seconds of pure blinding madness. Funny how most ‘stunts’ start out with a simple question- “I wonder if I could….?”

But thinking about the worst thing that could happen doesn’t really go through your mind because that would be admitting to the strong possibility that something Will go wrong. It’s more about being caught in the moment. The Possibility.
Challenging fate.

Maybe the problem is the feeling of relief doesnt quite sink in, relief that you survived whatever you did, just the lingering desire to push it even further. It’s not the huge daredevil feats you see televised, but the little everyday chances we take that make it into a near obsession. Your heart flutters and suddenly things become more clear, your awareness changes, everything seems more alive and vivid…some call it a death wish, some call it life affirmation-simple perspective…

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