Dog meets memory card

So one of my dogs found and destroyed my memory card…which happened to have over 1,000 pictures on it, most of which I hadn’t even uploaded yet! I know it’s partly my fault for leaving it sitting out…on a desk… apparently not high enough where he couldn’t get to it and chew up the One Side of the card that could be inserted into a card reader.

I guess I’ll get over it, I didn’t kill the dog (I’d never hurt him) but the urge to fling him out the window like a cartoon was pretty strong.

OH yea, I finally got tickets (for my birthday) to go see Cirque du Soleil downtown Chicago last month and it was AMAZING, I Have to go see some other shows now, I’d advise anyone to go catch a show, some pretty crazy stuff. I had front row tickets which made it all that much more exciting (could practically feel the sweat coming off the performers)…what a night!

Anyways, I just got a feature in the Experimental group, which I feel is such an honor :D My whole experience with a camera and a computer has been experimental so it’s really nice. So thanks to all you guys for putting a smile on my face for the rest of the day :D

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