Passion and expression

Desire. Driving force. Motivation.
Over the years, I have found (almost) nothing more enjoyable than the desire to create something. Have tried different mediums, always to not be quite satisified with the outcome. Gone from drawing with charcoal, oils, acrylics, watercolor, to even making jewelry, all at the same time trying to self-teach myself, which is Probably the reason it didn’t go too far. The hardest thing I came across was trying to put on paper, what I had envisioned, which I’m sure Everyone does when creating Anything. But apparently, my hands lack the skill (and patience) it takes to ink it down, I guess trying too many things at once doesn’t help either. But when I put a camera in my hand, everything seems to come together, being able to capture on film what you have right in front of you, and also convey the mood your looking for-it had me. Like an addiction, I’m constantly looking for the best shot, the right angle, the best lighting, the right mood, always trying to capture a moment in time. Even when driving to whatever destination I need to be, sometimes the most unexpected and breath-taking images splash across the horizon, challenging me to practically throw my camera out the window to catch the shot.
Chasing the sunset.

I only wish that I had a camera with me years ago when my family and I would travel, I remember thinking back then, “If only I could capture this moment…”, but time goes by and life goes on. I’m just writing to say what a gift it is to be able to express through light and shadow the subtleties of everyday things and how nice it is to be able to create what I envision.

Also want to thank those who took the time to comment on my work, I know I sometimes go off on a tangent whether it be in photos or writing, but can’t help myself. One day, I’ll get it right, but for now it’s just a learning process, one year and still going….

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