So you took a few photos and put them on RB....

I thought that National Parks and just that, national, ours. It turns out that they are not, no even to photograph. Get a load of this:


Legislation and Policies

Photography and filmmaking within a Parks Victoria requires photographers and filmmakers to adhere to the provisions of the National Parks Act, 1975, Crowns Lands (Reserves) Act, 1978, Water Industry Act, 1994, and Guidelines for Filming and Photography, Parks Victoria.

Scope and Application of the Guidelines


The Guidelines require a company, group, or individual conducting photography as a trade or business to have a permit to take photographs within its controlled areas. Product includes – magazines, ads, journals, textbooks, calendars and postcards, and public displays and exhibits. Amateur photography is included if the product is used for publication, public display, or possible future sale."

(emphasis mine)

Now what fellow criminals?

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