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Just google my name. I live in Los Angeles with husband composer John Mitchell and an orange tabby cat named Matthew.

Draft Gore

I suppose this really belongs in my neglected blog, which is all political. No it doesn’t, because it will be just my own rambling thoughts, with no references to authoritative sources. At lunch a few minutes ago my brother-in-law said that Obama had just lost his vote…by saying he would send US troops into Pakistan to hunt down “the terrorists”. What cynicism. US troops have been looking for Bin Laden & Associates in the mountains on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border for almost six years now. They just can’t find them. In 2004 a US patrol almost stumbled on them….accidentally. This is not insider information, it’s all in the last issue of Newsweek.

So we have two leading candidates for President, Hillary and Obama, both hellbent on proving how tough and warlike they are. I found Al Gore’s mailing address and sent him a letter that said help, we need you.

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