Things that make me Yawn

- Photos of flowers [like the internet needs more of these]
- Photos of horses [see above]
- Photos of birds
- Overdone HDR photos. Can we all just agree that HDR looks shithouse and move on please?
- Photos that are black and white, except for one thing, which remains in colour ala Sin City. This cliche is so five minutes ago that it makes my head turn inside out when I see it.
- Things with wings photoshopped onto them [especially horses]
- Banksy inspired Military symbols mixed with nature, children, barcodes or oil references. YES WE GET IT… WAR BAD!!!

I think that covers about 99.999999999% of what’s on Red Bubble.

More Suggestions to keep the RB Developers Busy :)

Not sure if this has already been suggested, but something that i use a lot on Flickr and DeviantArt is RSS feeds.…

Suggested feeds:

- Your watchlist [shows when artists on your list upload new work]

- Any user’s portfolio

- Any user’s journal

- Activity on your bubble [favourites, comments]

These days I use RSS feeds almost exclusively. Apart from The Age, I don’t read any websites that don’t have an RSS feed [except for online apps ala Gmail, Google Maps etc]

I currently have 125 feeds in Google Reader[!].

Another small thing that has been bugging me is that when you paste a url into your journal/a comment/an image description it isn’t automatically converted into a link. It’s weird that I would just expect this but I think most websites and apps do that these days.

Anyway, cheers guys a

The Sword of the White Lotus

“Innkeeper! Two more bottles of your best saké!" the Samurai yelled, his voice deep and guttural. He was a solid man, broad of shoulder with a jaw that could have been carved out of solid oak, framed by a pair of wild sideburns. He reclined with his legs akimbo and a large grin on his face. As the innkeeper shuffled in with the saké, the door to the inn slid slowly open.…

“Welcome monk" the innkeeper said graciously, as he motioned his hand towards an empty table opposite the Samurai “We don’t see too much of your kind in here". As the monk took a seat and removed his domed, straw hat, the samurai raised his glass. As is typical of his kind, the Buddhist monk appeared to be almost indistinguishable from his brethren. A sombre bald head protruding from orange robes. Apart from the innkeeper

Getting paid and a rant about cheques

I just received a cheque. Normally this isn’t something i’d complain about [or maybe I would actually] but i’d entered my bank details ages ago and was expecting a direct transfer.…

What gives? Is the RedBubble direct transfer line not yet in operation? Or have I missed a checkbox somewhere?

But I digress.

On a related, and slightly more interweb rant style note, I really hate cheques. They’re so primitive!

To think that in this day and age, you have to go into a bank, fill out a deposit slip [remembering your account number and bsb] write down the cheque number, date, branch name, amount, total and account name twice makes me even crankier than usual.

As a web designer, if i designed a form that was as complicated as a cheque deposit slip i would be fired on the spot. Actually, I’d probab

Wishlist: New Features for RedBubble

Ok, so we all know how the bubble works by now, but here are a few things that I think would make it even better:…

Recent activity page
This page would be linked from your ‘my bubble’ page and list recent comments, favs and maybe sales on your images [and journal posts]. At the moment, someone could ask you a question about one of your works and you’d never see it, unless you checked every image in your portfolio.

Changing the Watchlist
Why when I click on watchlist does it list the people I’m watching rather than their work? IMHO it should list new images and journal posts from the people on your list. That way you dont have to go through your each person’s bubble to see who’s added something new.

Both of these first two changes encourage frequent return visits. At the moment you have to m


Just fyi, I’ll be cropping and re-uploading some of my stuff soon.

Only about four pieces in my entire portfolio are printable, because I’m a wacky, cutting edge, outside the box, blue sky paradigm new media artist who isn’t constrained by the boundaries of canvas bought from art supply stores.

(the above paragraph may contain sarcasm)

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait