More Suggestions to keep the RB Developers Busy :)

Not sure if this has already been suggested, but something that i use a lot on Flickr and DeviantArt is RSS feeds.

Suggested feeds:

- Your watchlist [shows when artists on your list upload new work]

- Any user’s portfolio

- Any user’s journal

- Activity on your bubble [favourites, comments]

These days I use RSS feeds almost exclusively. Apart from The Age, I don’t read any websites that don’t have an RSS feed [except for online apps ala Gmail, Google Maps etc]

I currently have 125 feeds in Google Reader[!].

Another small thing that has been bugging me is that when you paste a url into your journal/a comment/an image description it isn’t automatically converted into a link. It’s weird that I would just expect this but I think most websites and apps do that these days.

Anyway, cheers guys and keep up the good work!

EDIT: I’m having a hell of a time creating something that looks like a bulleted list here. I had to use double line breaks [which i’m guessing converts it to a new paragraph].


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