Getting paid and a rant about cheques

I just received a cheque. Normally this isn’t something i’d complain about [or maybe I would actually] but i’d entered my bank details ages ago and was expecting a direct transfer.

What gives? Is the RedBubble direct transfer line not yet in operation? Or have I missed a checkbox somewhere?

But I digress.

On a related, and slightly more interweb rant style note, I really hate cheques. They’re so primitive!

To think that in this day and age, you have to go into a bank, fill out a deposit slip [remembering your account number and bsb] write down the cheque number, date, branch name, amount, total and account name twice makes me even crankier than usual.

As a web designer, if i designed a form that was as complicated as a cheque deposit slip i would be fired on the spot. Actually, I’d probably fire myself and go live a pastural existence.

Mostly I think this is due to banks being lazy. They must validate the cheques over some network anyway, so why do I have to write a novella about my life story just to deposit it?

This is how cheques* should* work: You walk into the bank, give the teller the cheque and your card. You say “Dude, stick this in my savings account yo”. He swipes your card, retrieves your account details and does the rest. No need to write down what day it is twice.

By coincidence last week I cashed my first cheque from Cafepress. This meant 20 minutes of standing around while various forms were filled out and approved by the manager [being from cafepress, it was for American dollars]. Then the bank had the gall to charge me $15 for depositing it into my own account!

Bring on the cashcards ala Back to the Future II I say!

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