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Garrison of the LivingDEAD
Designed by BooRat
~ Garrison of the Living Dead!!! ~ (By: William. J. Blackshire.) 12/17/04-12/25/04 It’s been over a year since an experimental chemical called Hyperkillodeine part of the Pandora program, accidentally spilled onto the streets of a small rural town in East Texas called Garrison, in 2006. At first nothing major happened, just a few cases of people with small mutations. A few weeks later, one person in particular named Hera Hennessey, who was covered with the chemical, got superhuman powers. She got the ability to make copies of herself, as many as she wanted, but she couldn’t make over six hundred sixty-six copies. For some reason she could not make anymore than that exact number, so she took the name DCLXVI (It means 666 in Roman numerals). After a week of her and others’ newfound abilities, a few cases of odd feelings of hunger and sickness hit them. They for some reason didn’t get full from normal food any more; no they craved fresher foods like bloody meats, or fresh organs. Many still normal people escaped to other towns and cities; the freaks on the other hand were quarantined by the [link] to stop them from spreading. One of the more powerful freaks named Shit-Storm created a humongous thunderstorm that made an eternal dome over the town, making it so no one could enter or exit the town. He was killed a day later by other freaks who wanted to be free of the town, but he made the storm so powerful that even after his death it would last forever. After the dome was created DCLXVI, lost full control of her powers. She made all the copies she could (All six hundred sixty-six of them) over throwing the town’s new leaders, and turning the town into a hellhole of her zombie like cloned copies. Many of the other freaks turned into zombie monsters like DCLXVI after a while, but a very few were left semi-normal. The remainder of them fled to the gas stations, gun stores, and the town‘s school, Garrison High School (G.H.S. for short) to find shelter from the flesh eating hordes of freaks. The school consisted of five main buildings, the Preschool, Elementary and Junior High, High school, cafeteria and gym, and the annex for the special-ed classes. About fifty survivors used to live in the school, but over the months almost all the survivors had ether died from hunger, sickness, suicide, or turned into one of the zombies after their mutations worsened. All that’s left of the survivors are six young adults living in peace inside the annex building. The Annex building consisted of six classrooms, eight closets, three halls, two computer labs, two storage rooms, two janitor rooms, a teachers’ lounge, a sewing lab, a kitchen, a boy’s room, and girl’s room. The only reasons why they survived so long was that they were the only ones in that building. They learned that if you cook a zombie animal long enough, it won’t turn you, that one of them could make the zombie crowd move aside and make a path, and they started their own little stable government. Their names are Michel “Moses” Muller, Willard “Iron Fist Bill” Weirdfeild, Bob “Mace” Blackshear, Stan “RADAR” Stanberry, Angela “Trust” Andersen, and Aphasia “Ouch” Ami. And, their abilities were that Moses could move any large mass to make paths (Water, earth, zombies, buildings, ect…), Iron Fist Bill could turn his right hand into any metal weapon on earth (Axe, hammer, pick, blade, ect…), Mace sprays mace like substance out a gland on his tongue. RADAR use to be able to hear radio stations in his head, but the super storm cut them off from the rest of the world (And now his powers haven‘t worked since). Trust can make anyone she touches tell the truth. And, Ouch can cause great pain in private parts with her mind. Their government is a lot like what we use to day. They elect their leaders, and each one has their own rank and membership. They set up their own homes in a classroom, because there were six of them and six classrooms, it was perfect. The leaders of the group, Mace and Trust, used the two biggest rooms. Trust lived in the old Life Skills classroom, which connected to the sewing lab and kitchen. Mace lived in the old Advanced Computer Skills classroom, which connected to computer lab #1. They even had a small military, which consisted of Iron Fist Bill, Mace, and Ouch. Their job was to protect the others from the zombies in case of a brake in, hunt for food, or search for supplies. Because of their abilities, they were perfect for their jobs. RADAR and Moses’ jobs were different than the others. Because, RADAR’s powers hadn’t worked since the storm dome, he works as a maintenance man (Fixing things). Moses used his power to move the zombies so the others could go get the supplies they needed. *** One day they finally reached a decision to try and escape the town forever. “But!!! We can’t leave we’re infected with the Hyperkillodeine chemical, we still may one day turn into one of those things,” said Trust. “Yes we are infected, but I’ve had these powers for a year, and they haven’t changed or progressed anymore since then,” said Iron Fist Bill looking down at his right hand. “Rubber Doug across the way at the main building thought the same thing, but he turned two months ago, and killed the rest of his fellow survivors in that building,” said Ouch pointing out a widow past the crowd of zombies to a large concrete building that looked as if it had been on fire once. “Yeah! And, what about that super storm dome thingy that covers the town! It hasn’t slacked up even after its maker died,” said RADAR holding out his arms, indicating the sky. “That’s not going to stop us!” said Mace. “What do you mean by that? That storm is so powerful no vehicle can pass through it, with out, shorting out, and exploding. I hate to mention what it does to a person if they try to pass through it!” said RADAR indicating the sky again. “We got Moses here!” said Mace pointing at Moses sitting in a chair way to small for his body. “What… me… What can I do, now?” said Moses stumbling to stand from his chair. “You can use your power to move the storm and make us a path!” said Mace using his hand to indicating the storm parting. “Don’t you think he hasn’t tried that yet!” said Ouch putting her hand on Moses’ shoulder. “I… I… I haven’t… …tried it… …yet!” said Moses backing away from Ouch’s hand. “What do you mean you haven’t tried it?” said Iron Fist Bill transforming his hand into a large metal paddle. “I always thought we were supposed to stay here until the Hyperkillodeine died out,” said Moses scratching the top of his head. “Until the Hyperkillodeine died out! You fool it won’t just die out! It will last longer than any of us will!” said Iron fist Bill making holes appear in his paddle hand (It makes it hurt more if you’re hit with it). “Okay!!! That’s enough of that! We need to choose what we are going to do. Who here is for using Moses to try and open the storm dome, and escaping this town forever, say y’ay!” “Y’ay!!!” all but Ouch said so. “Okay it’s final tomorrow we start making planes to get to the nearest wall of the storm dome, and get the hell outta’ here,” said Mace signaling every one to go to their rooms. “I don’t believe we’re going to do this!” said Ouch as she left the kitchen heading to her room at the far end of the hall. “Yeah, it sounds dumb, but it worth a shot of getting of this hellhole before those zombie bastards eventually brake through and get us all,” said RADAR fallowing her out the door to his room that was next to Ouch’s, it even had a door that attaches the two rooms together, but she had it nailed shut to keep RADAR from trying anything. “Yeah, but what, Mace, didn’t say was that Moses, can’t make a path through the storm dome and the zombies at the same time,” said Ouch as she entered her room shutting the door behind her. RADAR stood there for several seconds with an odd look on his face of newfound uncertainty in his choice. “Oh, shit…” *** Outside among the zombie citizens, a long since turned freak named Rubber Doug He had stretched out his ear into the shape of a funnel to lesson in on Mace’s idea. “I… …must tell… …the bossss,” he said with his raspy voice caused by the rotting of his throat. He shoved his was through the crowd heading towards a rundown gas station across the street from the school. “Ms. DCLXVI, I’ve returned… …with news… …of… …the survivor across… …the… …way… …at the… …school,” said Rubber Doug bowing down in front of a young woman with an old tattered red, black, and army green costume sit upon a thrown of bones. “Sp… …ea… …k!!!” she said with a long drawn out hiss. “They’… …re… …planning… …an Escape!!!” he said reaching to kiss her hand. “H… …ow?” she asked pulling her hand back. “They… …plan to… …use… …the one… …called Moses’… …power to… …movie the storm… …m dome,” said Rubber Doug backing away from DCLXVI slowly. “Ah… …Moses… …s,” she said standing from her thrown to look out at the school. Rubber Doug stood to walk to the side of his leader. “I… …didn’t… …say you… …c… …could… …stand… …d,” she said hold up any arm and two guards that looked just like DCLXVI. They took Rubber Doug by his arms and pulled his out of the room, where they beat him. His body was dry and brittle from being dead so long. When they were done he was nothing but a skull, eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. “Thank… …you… …for… …sparin’… …me,” said Rubber Doug’s head before it was tossed back into the crowd of zombies outside. *** The storm dome had caused rain to start the next morning waking RADAR, Ouch, and Moses. “I… …I can’t sleep when it’s like this,” said Moses walking out of his room across and down the west hall from Ouch and RADAR’s rooms. “Yeah, me too,” replied RADAR as he exited his room. “Me it ain’t the rain as much as it gets the dead to moaning, because it wets their dry lungs,” said Ouch walking out of her room with her facial mask still on. “Thank you for reminding the lovely facts of what’s outside,” said RADER pointing to the chained up double doors at both ends of the west and east halls. “Hey, ya’ll down there go back to bed it’s too early!” yelled a voice that sounded like Trust. “S… …sorry!” Replied the three. “We’ll talk more later,” said Moses walking to his room and closing the door behind him. “Sweet dreams, Dude! And, sweet dreams to you… …Do you need a bedtime story,” said RADAR turning to Ouch. Suddenly RADAR dropped to the floor holding his self. “That’s my answer!” she said entering her room, ending the pain. After the effects of Ouch’s pain-surge wore off, RADAR crawled back into his room, and into his bed. Later that morning everyone started packing their things from their rooms, and preparing food for the trip. “It’s going to be a long walk to the nearest wall of the super storm dome,” said Mace and Trust pulling backpacks full of their things onto their backs. “Am I the only one here still thinks this is a bad idea?” said Ouch passing out football helmets to everyone to protect their heads. “Yeah, but the majority rules!” said Iron Fist Bill fastening his helmet to his head. “Now, everyone one, there’s going to be a window of time in which we’ll be very vulnerable to attack… We are all going to have to fight at one point or another,” said Mace removing the mouthpiece and mouth guard to make a clear path for his sprayer on his tongue. “Because, Moses can’t move two things at once, so he won’t be able to hold back the zombies, and open a path in the storm dome at the same time,” said Trust before being interrupted by Ouch. “And we can’t let any of the dead get out with us!” said Ouch putting on her own helmet. “I got you covered,” said Iron Fist Bill pulling a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun out of his pack. “How long have you had that?” asked Trust. “I got a month ago on our last scouting mission. I only got about twenty shells,” said Iron Fist Bill pulling out a hand full of 12 gauge shells, and sticking them back into the pack. *** “W… We… …will attack… …them… …when… …Moses… …stops his… …force-path… …to open… …the… …s… …storm… …dome, and… …we’… …l… …l… …e… …scape… …to… …eat the WORLD!!!” said DCLXVI with her hissing voice to an army of copies of herself, and zombie citizens of the town. “But, master… …how will we… …fight them? Most… …of us… …have been… …dead so long… …we… …acc… …i… …dent… …tall… …y… …brake off our… …own limbs… …moving,” said a very old zombie man that was literally skin and bones. “I… …have a… …solution… …to that… …here!!! I’ve kept… …this ever since… …the day,” she said pulling a clear plastic bag out of a pocket in her cape. It contained an old pair of Levi blue jeans, black women’s t-shirt with “Korn!” on the font, two black leather spiked bracelets, a pair of “Hello Kitty” socks, and a pair of black leather lace up boots all covered in a bright green glowing liquid. *** Out on top of the roof of the Garrison Annex building Mace, Trust, Moses, RADAR, Iron Fist Bill, and Ouch stood watching the crowd below. Most of them were circling the old gas station across the street. “What do you think they’re doing?” said Trust watching the zombie horde sway to a speech none of them could understand or hear. “I don’t know, but it has everything to do with us,” said Mace squinting to see who or what was talking to the dead, but he already knew whom it was. It was what was left of a girl he once knew as Hera Hennessey a.k.a. DCLXVI. Then they all spotted it, a bright green glowing bag of cloths. “Tell me that isn’t the cloth she was wearing when she was sprayed with that Hyperkillodeine stuff,” said Ouch removing her helmet. “Yep, I believe it is! Those are the last pair of clothes I sew her wear the day of the accident,” said Mace shuffling his tongue around in his mouth. “What do you think they’re going to do with it?” asked RADAR. “I think they’re going to try to use it to make them-selves stronger,” replied Mace adjusting his armor of football, paintball, and hockey supplies. “Are we ready?” he asked his crew. “Are you certain we should go when it’s still raining like it is?” said Moses holding out both his arms. “Now is the perfect time. Most of the dead are distracted by DCLXVI, and the rain makes them squishy and easy to hurt if they get too close,” said Mace giving Iron Fist Bill a signal to turn his hand into a slide, like he has done hundreds of times before. “Moses, are you ready?” asked Iron Fist Bill as Moses laid on the slide with his arms facing the sky. “Yes, as ready as I’ll ever be!” he said sliding down to the ground, using his powers to create a nine foot wide path through the angry crowd of living dead. The others followed after him, and Iron Fist Bill jumped down from the roof after the last of the group was safely on the ground. “Okay, everyone remember the rules? Stay in the middle of the path… …Keep your arms, hands, and legs close to you, because they may not be able to get to ya, but they still can pull you over there if you get too close… …And, last of all don’t touch Moses! We don’t need him to lose his concentration in the middle of a mass of angry mutant dead people,” said Mace leading the group behind Moses, who still had both arms in the air. *** “M… …M… …Mast… …or, th… …they’re… …m… …move… …ing… …ou… …out!” yelled Rubber Doug’s head retracting his ear that he stretched out to listen in on Mace’s conversation. “What?” yelled DCLXVI jumping in one bound to the top of overhead of the gas pumps. She peered out to see her army of the dead moving to make a path for six beings wearing football helmets, paintball body armor, and hockey shin pads. “They… …will not… …get away… …that… …e… …easily!” she said biting down on the top of the plastic bag and poring the contents of the bag into her claw like right hand. She than took one of the “Hello Kitty” socks, that was completely drenched in the bright glowing green fluid, and squeezed the liquid onto her black tongue, and pale white chin. Then, she tossed the remainder of the cloths to her dead followers. *** “How’s it going up there, Moses… …buddy!” yelled RADAR from the middle of the group. “My arms are getting tired,” called back Moses. “Don’t worry… We only have another sixteenth of a mile to go,” said Mace from behind Moses. The zombies were getting more and more angry, the longer they couldn’t get to the things in front of them. Then, out of nowhere, a very long out stretched arm came from the zombie crowd grabbing at Ouch. It caught her by her shirt and chest armor, and tried pulling her closer to the wall of the path. “Hold on, Ouch! I’ll get him!” yelled Iron Fist Bill reaching over his shoulder and grabbing his shotgun. “Get this fuckin’ thing off… …ME!!!” yelled Ouch grabbing for RADAR and Trust’s hands. “Ka-Boom!!!” the shotgun went off blowing a softball-sized chunk out of the arm. But’ the arm still pulled on Ouch by her shirt and Chest armor. “Again! Shot it again!” yelled Mace grabbing Trust around the waist and helping her and RADAR pull. Iron Fist Bill quickly cocked the shotgun, and raised the gun again to take another shot. But, by the time he took his next shot Ouch’s shirt and Chest armor gave way, and it tore off exposing her bright red bra, tan chest, and stomach. Mace, Trust, RADAR, and Ouch fell back onto the ground, and the arm blew apart after Iron Fist Bill’s last shot. Ouch got up with her arms crossed to cover her bra, and chest. “What took you so long!” shed yelled. “Sorry I had to put one in chamber!” yelled Iron Fist Bill. “How the hell did that thing get onto the path?” yelled Mace standing, and helping Trust stand up. “I don’t know, but it wasn’t one of these things. My thoughts are focused on the dead, but that thing was different, so somehow it got through,” said Moses over his shoulder. “I knew they were going to try something like that,” said Mace brushing Trust off. “No you didn’t,” said Trust. “Don’t do that… …Here you can wear mine,” said Mace removing his chest armor and handing it to Ouch. “Every body we got to keep going or I won’t have the energy to try and open the storm dome!” said Moses starting forward again. Everyone followed close behind him again, and keep a close eye on the crowd around them for any more signs DCLXVI or her new clearly more powerful zombies. “Sorry about back there are you okay?” asked Iron Fist Bill under his breath to Ouch. “I’m okay… …Thank you for helping me back there, that was close,” she said back to him. “Back there that was weird,” said RADAR over his shoulder to Ouch. “Yes, it was. I didn’t think those things could do that,” she replied. “No, I wasn’t talking about that. You never stuck me as the kind of person to wear a bright red br…” RADAR said before dropping to the ground holding his self again. “No more of that you two,” said Mace walking between Ouch and RADAR now. “We’re here!” yelled Moses stop about twenty feet from a wall of black cloud, lightning, and rain. “Everybody in battle positions, now!” yelled Mace making a circular motion with his hand. Everybody got in a circle around Moses to protect him while he opens a path in the storm dome. “On the count of three! One… Two… THREE!” yelled Mace opening his mouth, and shooting a mist of his most powerful mace into the face of the charging zombie army. The zombies swarmed around them, and started trying to go for Moses in the middle. The zombies grabbed and tore at Mace, Ouch, Trust, RADAR, and Iron Fist Bill’s armor, pulling away their armor, but not harming their flesh. They still put up a fight, knocking zombie heads off, and tearing off limbs. “S… …stop! Tha… that’s goo… …d enough!” yelled a dead looking young woman in a tattered red, black, and army green costume. All the zombies backed away. “D… …DCLXVI!” yelled RADAR, who been stripped of everything, but his pants boots. “What do you want?” yelled Mace who was down to his shirt and pants. Ouch than spotted Rubber Doug with a new huge stretched out body, that was missing an arm, that looked like it had been blown off. “It’s was you that tried to strip me!” yelled Ouch who was stripped again, but this time to her bra, pants, and socks. “Hu… Hu,” laughed Rubber Doug wiggling the numb of his arm in the air at Ouch. “That one’s mine!” she said to the group with out moving her eyes off Rubber Doug. “Okay, you take him! I’ll take her!” said Mace pointing to DCLXVI. “RADAR, you take that one,” he said pointing to a copy of DCLXVI that was missing its legs and an arm, but it had a huge pair of freshly grown bat wings on its lower back. “Iron Fist and Trust, you two take those two,” Mace said pointing them to two more copies of DCLXVI, just these two were both different. One was as big and strong looking as an elephant. And, the other had what looked like metal fragments stuck in her skin. “And, Moses! You open that path up now!” yelled Mace charging into DCLXVI’s stomach, throwing her off her feet. “It’s going to take a minute, because it’s so powerful!” Moses yelled back as he spread his hands a part causing a small hole in the dome to appear for about a second. RADAR grabbed his DCLXVI by the waist and slung her to the ground, and pounced on her chest. Trust spin kicked hers in the stomach sending it flying back into the crowd of zombies. Ouch grabbed Rubber Doug by his other arm and pulled him forward, and kicked him in the groin. Than she twisted his arm making him spin into the storm dome. Iron Fist Bill fired a shot off into his DCLXVI’s stomach, but she reached out and knocked his shotgun out of his hands. It flew out of sight into the crowd of zombies. Iron Fist Bill charged at her, turning his hand into a sword blade stabbing into his DCLXVI’s heart. But, her chest exploded open into a giant tooth filled mouth. It bit down onto his arm, and it reached out and grabbed him by his waist. She threw him out of the way into the horde of zombies, but leaving his arm torn off inside the giant mouth in her chest. “NNOOO!!! Iron Fist Billl!!!” yelled Trust hearing him scream as the zombies tore into flesh now that he had no weapon at all. “Fight now! Cry later!” yelled RADAR spinning and throwing his DCLXVI creature into the storm dome, frying it instantly. Moses put his hands together once again and pulled them apart, but this time a perfectly round ten by ten hole appeared in the dome’s wall. “Now it’s opened!” yelled Moses with both arms in the air again. “R… …Run… …n, my fol… …lowers… …go… …ea… …eat… …Th… …the world!” yelled DCLXVI from under Mace. “No, stop them and get out!” yelled Mace putting his knee on DCLXVI’s throat. The hordes and mobs of living dead flowed to the ten by ten, polling and pushing at one another. RADAR saw it then, Lying on the ground in front of him was Iron Fist Bill’s shotgun, the swarming crowd had kicked it around. He reached down, grabbed it, cocked a shell into the chamber, raised it up, and fired shooting the leaders of the stampede. He repeated this several times. “Good work RADAR!” yelled Ouch wrestling with a copal of the zombies. “Thank Y!!!” managed RADAR before the crowd behind him swarmed over him. “Nooo!!!” she yelled as he was trampled to death by the feet of over six hundred dead people. “Everybody, run for the path we’ll fight them on the outside!” yelled Mace pushing off DCLXVI’s stomach, and charging with the rest of the crowd. “Ya’ll better hurry I can hold it much longer!” yelled Moses knelling with his arms still in the air. Ouch and Trust charged with the crowd too like Mace. But, out of nowhere soldiers carrying M-16 drove up in front of the opening. They opened fire on the hordes of zombies and on Mace, Ouch, and Trust. “Stop them, Ouch!” yelled Trust before a wall of bullets hit her. “Nooo! Trust!” yelled Mace watching her fall backwards, and being stepped on and over by still charging dead. Ouch quick through out her hands and the soldier all dropped to their knees holding themselves. With out the soldiers firing the zombies flowed freely of the dome. “I… …I can’t… …hold it… …an… …any longer!” yelled Moses dropping his force that was holding the dome open. The entire zombie crowd was gone, but the few who were caught by the closing dome, and left behind. “Trust! Trust, are you okay?” yelled Mace running up to her. “I’ll be fine, but the opening has closed,” she said rising up. She had been hit twenty-four times, but not one fatal womb. Her left arm took the worst of the shots, taking over twelve shots in it. “Oh, no you may lose that arm, Trust,” said Mace tying a piece of shoestring around the arm to stop the bleeding. “No! But, that’s the arm my powers are in,” said Trust propping herself against Mace’s side to stand. “It just means you’ll get to be normal again,” said Mace. “Is she okay?” yelled Ouch lowering her arms. “She’ll be fine if we get her help soon!” yelled back Mace watching the zombies regroup and make a circle around them. “Moses, do you have the energy to fight?” yelled Mace helping Trust get a better grip around his shoulders. “I can fight, but don’t ask me to open that again!” he said breathing heavily. Only around sixty of the zombies remained of the dead army, and they were staring at Mace holding the injured Trust, Ouch standing ready to fight, and the heavy breathing Moses. “C… …catch them, and… …br… …ring them… …back to the… …sta… …station!” yelled DCLXVI standing from her attack. The dead swarmed Mace, Trust, Ouch, and Moses, picked them up, and carried them back in the direction of the school and gas station. *** Back at the gas station DCLXVI had Mace, Moses, and Ouch tied down to tables. “Where’s Trust?” said Moses lifting his head up to see Mace and Ouch tied to their separate tables. “I don’t know I seen them take her into the back, but I don’t think they’ve hurt her,” said Mace. “What makes you say that?” asked Ouch. “Because she told them to bring us back here for a reason,” said Mace shortly before a door opened and three DCLXVI entered carrying Trust bandaged up, but still so weak she couldn’t stand. They had undressed her; she was only wearing her bra, panties, and socks. “You… …r maybe… …wonder… …ing why… …we… …d… …id this!” said the DCLXVI in sequence. They sat her down on in an old both chair. “Yes, what do you want? You would normally eat an injured person than help them,” said Mace. “As y… …you may… kn… …know… …I and… …o… …others have… …re… …recently take… …n more… …of the… …Hyper… …kill… …o… …deine… …chem… …i… …cal… …an… …and… …w… …we have… …g… …gained more… …power… …I have… …n’t got… …to show y… …you… …mine yet!” said one of the DCLXVI with her long drawn out hissing voice. She stood beside Trust rubbing her shoulder and back. “What’s she doing?” asked Moses turning his head in Mace’s direction. “I don’t know,” Mace replied. DCLXVI lifted Trust onto her feet, wrapped her arm around Trust’s shoulder, started undoing her bra strap, and pulled her close to her face. Forcing her long black tongue to Trust’s mouth, and down her throat. “Mmm!” moaned Trust trying to fight the kiss. Trust wedged her one good hand between her and DCLXVI, and pushed herself away. Cough, cough, “W… …what… …d… …did you… …do… …to me… …e!” yelled Trust breathing hard. She dropped to the floor holding her stomach with her good arm, and covering her breast with her bandaged arm. “It!!! It hurts! It hurts so MUCH!!!” she yelled clawing at her stomach. “What did you do to her?” yelled Mace and Ouch jerking at their bonds. “W… …watch… …an… …and seeee,” said DCLXVI licking her lips and smiling sinfully. “I… …it bur… …BURNS!” Trust yelled rolling on her back on the floor. “Please! Wha… …what’s happen… …ing to… …ME?” she yelled as her stomach started to swell. Her stomach swollen to the size of a basketball, when her legs spread open, and a small infant exploded from her groin. “Oh… …Oh my… …GOD!” moaned Trust lying on the floor, only her chest moving from her heavy breathing. The infant squirmed and wiggled on the fool before finally sitting itself up. “My God! Trust are you alright!” yelled Ouch. Trust’s foot twitched a little and her breathing slowed, but she didn’t respond. The infant started to move and twitch it’s arms and legs. Than, its bones began to pop and crack as its arms and legs began to grow. It aged about fifteen years in half a minute. The child looked like a much younger version of DCLXVI, but with subtle features of Trust’s face. Trust had reddish brown hair and DCLXVI had black hair, but the child’s hair was reddish black. She had DCLXVI’s pale skin, Trust’s nose, DCLXVI’s dark green eyes with a ring of Trust’s hazel eye color around the pupils, and Trust’s build. “It looks almost like Trust and DCLXVI mixed together,” said Ouch watching the young girl look around the room. DCLXVI took off her cape and wrapped the nude girl in it. “I’ll… …n… …name… …her Pandora,” said DCLXVI seating her in the seat were Trust once set. “I… …still can’t… …m… …make more… …th… …than six-hundred sixty-six… …c… …copies, but… …w… …with this… …n… …new p… …ower of… …m… …mine… …I can m… …make… …h… …half brea… …d copies… …of my… …self,” said DCLXVI rubbing the girl’s back. “Is Trust going to be okay?” asked Moses. “What are you going to do to us?” asked Mace. DCLXVI directed the girl to fallow two of her copies out of the room. “She’ll… …pro… …bably live, but… …wh… …what I’m going… …to do to… …y… …you is I… …I’m going to… …K… …kill you… …and make a h… …half brea… …d copy… …of M… …Moses and… …Ouch to… …e… …escape th… …this pla… …place and… …m… …move out to… …take o… …over… …the world! My minions that… …e… …escaped… …earlier should be… …preparing for… …my a… …arrival,” said DCLXVI walking to Ouch, holding her head back, and letting the black tongue hang from her mouth. “No! No! Nooo!” yelled Ouch trying to turn her head away from the tongue. “Hold on, Ouch! I’ll think of something!” yelled Mace jerking his legs. DCLXVI’s tongue started to enter Ouch’s mouth when Mace lifted his head up, stuck his tongue out, and shot a stream of his strongest stuff at DCLXVI’s head. Some of the burning liquid hit Ouch, but the bulk hit DCLXVI. “Aaahhh!” yelled DCLXVI collapsing onto Ouch’s table. Ouch’s table bust, and she sprang up kicking DCLXVI off her. “Hurry, Ouch!” yelled Moses. She quickly untied Mace’s right arm, and ran over to Moses. Mace managed to finish untying himself, got up, and ran to Trust. “Trust, are you okay?” asked Mace picking her up, her only answered was a low moan. “Are ya’ll ready!” yelled Mace throwing Trust over his shoulder. “Yes, sir!” yelled Ouch helping Moses off his table. “Moses, can you make another path for us?” said Mace. “Yes, but I’m not strong enough to try and open another path through the dome,” said Moses walking quickly aside Ouch to Mace. “Make a path back to the Annex!” said Mace opening the door so fast Moses hardly hade time to raise his hands to stop the zombie from flooding into the building. Than, DCLXVI jumped back up, and charged at them. “She’s changed! She is considered to be something else!” yelled Moses as DCLXVI grabbed Ouch, and shoved her black tongue down her throat. Mace using a free hand grabbed DCLXVI by the shoulder and through her across the floor. Ouch quickly grabbed at her stomach, and dropped to the ground; Mace reached down and grabbed her and threw her over his other shoulder. “Run, Moses! Run!” he yelled running across the street as fast as he could to the Annex. “Aren’t the doors locked?” yelled Moses rushing closely behind Mace. “Yeah, but I unlocked one door incase of emergency retreat,” said Mace reaching out balancing Trust on his shoulder to open the door. Once inside Mace laid the girls on the floor. Trust was still breathing, but she was bleeding pretty badly, and Ouches stomach was just starting to grow. “It hurts so much, please I beg you kill me!” she yelled as her stomach swelled as big as a bowling ball. Then it happened like before her legs blew open, her pants exploded as a full sized infant shot out of her. It slid across the tile floor hitting the far wall at the end of the hallway. “That’s odd this one’s a boy,” said Moses watching the infant growing at the end of the hall, while Mace was conferring Ouch. Than Moses spotted the girl, Pandora, at the end of the hall, giving the boy a cape like hers. “Mace you should see this,” said Moses forcing Mace to look up at the two. “We mean you no harm. We want to help you,” said the girl, who had aged another two or three years since they last saw it about ten minutes ago. “Nothing from DCLXVI has ever done anything good before, so why should I trust you?” said Mace lifting the two girls again. “Because, I’m part Trust! I got some of her memories along with some of her looks,” said Pandora. “And, Relief here will help us too, because he’s part Ouch,” she said leading him down the hall to Mace, Moses, and the unconscious Ouch and Trust. “Let us prove ourselves,” they said binding down, and touching their berth mother’s foreheads. The two sprang awake all the blood on their cloths were gone, and their wombs were healed. “We don’t have long… Our lifespan is only twenty-four hours,” said Relief. “Okay, I believe you,” said Mace helping Trust and Ouch to their feet. “What, are you going to do?” asked Trust rubbing her stomach with one arm, and covering herself with the other. “We get stronger and stronger by the minute… Soon, we will be strong enough we can together destroy the storm dome, the dead army, and our parent, DCLXVI,” said the two. “But, how? What kind of powers do you have?” asked Ouch resting against Moses. “We have all, not just what you got, but what he’s got, and him, and others,” they said pointing at Moses and Mace. “We only have one problem. And, that is we need an hour and a half till we’re that powerful. Also by now our other mother, DCLXVI, has realized I killed her copies and have escaped,” said Pandora. “Will you accept our help?” said the two in sequence. *** Around two hours later the dead army was banging against the building’s walls. Ouch and Trust had changed into some new cloths, and were watching the boy and girl playing checkers in the life skills kitchen. “They’re very smart, and powerful. Do think this is a trick?” said Ouch watching closely the boy who had some of her features. “No, they couldn’t do that! They healed us… …and… …and, they’re our children in away. And, in away I trust them” said Trust watching Pandora double jump Relief on the checkerboard. “Ouch! Trust! Pandora! Relief… It’s time!” yelled Mace from his room across the hall. They all gathered on the roof. “Now everybody in a circle, hold hands, and chant with us!” said Relief taking Moses and Ouch’s hands into his. “Together now! Now, six in one, one in six, all in two, we call upon the power to vanquish the evils of this town, and the evil that spreads from it…” they all repeated, and a bright white light started to glow around them all. They all felt their powers starting to grow in strength, when DCLXVI flew over the edge of the Annex grabbing Mace and pulling him from the circle and throwing him to the roof. “Quickly! Close the circle!” yelled Relief. Pandora quickly grabbed Ouch’s hand, before the light dissipated. DCLXVI turned to grab another one of the six, when Mace jumped up and charged at her knocking her to the metal roof. She reached around, grabbed Mace by the throat, pulled him down, and started beating his head into the metal. The group’s light began to glow brighter and brighter, while Mace wrestled with DCLXVI keeping her from reaching the others. DCLXVI finally lift herself up and held Mace up in the air by his throat. “You… …and my bast… …ard child… …ren won’t… …st… …stop m… …my m… …master planes!” yelled DCLXVI squeezing harder and harder, until finally Mace’s throat collapsed. After finally seceding at killing Mace she turned for the rest, when a bright white stream of light shot through her. The light burned and pained her until finally she dropped to a pill of ash, dust, bone, dried withered skin, and cloths. The inter zombie army inside the dome and outside, did the same as DCLXVI, and the dome disappeared too. The sun shown through and light up the sky like it did moths ago. “Is it all over?” asked Trust. “Yes, it’s over,” said Pandora. “Moses, why don’t you clear us a path through all that crap down there?” asked Ouch walking to the edge of the building. “Sure, why not?” said Moses holding out his arms, but nothing happened. “Where’s my powers?” asked Moses turning and looking at Pandora and Relief. “We cleansed the world of Hyperkillodeine, and in doing so all your powers and ours are gone. We are now normal humans just like you, Mom… …my,” said Pandora as she and Relief started to shrink back to infants. “Grab your kids! We need to get moving the [link] will be allover this place in a few minutes,” said Moses. “Our kids?” said Ouch. “Yeah, these little guys helped us big time, the least we can do is give them a home,” said Trust scooping up Pandora in her arms. Ouch walked over to Relief’s wiggling infant body, bent down, lifted him up, and wrapped her arms around him. Tooh… Tooh… Tooh… “Choppers! We got to get moving,” said Trust climbing down with Moses’ help, and Ouch fallowing. “Sorry, Mace, RADAR, Iron Fist, we will remember,” said Moses. “We need to name these guys something else other than Relief and Pandora,” said Ouch fallowing Moses and Trust down the highway road. “I think Stan “Relief” Weirdfeild in memory of RADAR and Iron Fist Bill,” said Ouch holding her baby up to her face. “And, I’ll name her Pandora “Mace” Blackshear in memory of Mace!” ~ The End! ~

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