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  • Graphic T-shirt Dresses feature your chosen design, by an independent artist
  • Sublimation printed 96% polyester, 4% elastane front panel
  • Solid color 100% cotton back/sleeves/rib
  • Loose casual fit
  • Graphic T-Shirt Dresses are made and printed in the USA
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Japanese Oni of Mask
Designed by BooRat
This is a Japanese Oni(Ogre) that is a god over mask making, collecting, wearing, and identity theft!!! Note: I made him up no suck god like exist in any mythology!!! He’s a lot like Loki(of Norse Mythology) or Coyote(of Native American Mythology) in that he is a shape shiftier and enjoys nothing more than playing deadly games, pranks, and jokes with humans! He’s sadistic and crazy too!!! Enjoy! Colorized version coming soon!!!
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Graphic T-Shirt Dress

Japanese Oni of Mask by BooRat