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  • Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit
  • Print covers entire front and back panel with your chosen design, by an independent artist
  • 97% polyester, 3% elastane woven dress fabric with silky handfeel
  • Note that due to the production process, the placement of the print may vary slightly from the preview
  • A-Line dresses are made in the USA
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Pakku Nezumi Rough
Designed by BooRat
Name: Pakku Nezumi (Pack Rat) Age: 20-30 Gender: male Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde, queue or cue (ponytail grown from birth) Eye Color: Hazel Height: 5'10" Weight: 250lbs Clothes: black pants, left leg armored, sandal on the right foot, a belt that hold fireworks and paper bombs, Tribal yin-yang on chest, Multiple body piece rings with nails and hooks, Wears a mask that covers his whole face. Long black nails, armored right arm and wooden left prosthetic. Birthday: sometime in April Zodiac: Taurus Rank: rouge ninja Village: N/A Teacher: N/A Teammates: Akeldama Family: Unknown Fighting Style: Savage Weapon of Choice: Multiple Swords and fireworks Element(s): Temperature (fire and water) Summons: Rats and other rodents Background: Not much is known about Nezumi, he is a rouge ninja from birth. He as abandoned at birth by parents in the wood over some minor birth defects. Learned to survive by himself the forest by feeding on small animals and what he could rob from farms. Learned how to speak and fight by robbing travelers. Most all his clothing and weapons he’s taken from others either in combat or good old fashion thievery. He carries a variety of swords and other weapons that he uses differently from the others. He makes his money nowadays as a body guard and assassin. During a mission he and Akeldama met on a battle field one day, facing a common enemy. From then on they were teammates
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Pakku Nezumi Rough by BooRat