Balin' Twine 101

Balin’ Twine 101(very useful information)

Balin’ twine is a necessity of life to a boondocker; as much as a pocket knife. I almost always have my pockets full of it. Why, I have some yellow twine in there right now! If you have any more useful ways to use balin’ twine, be sure to let me know. If you need any help tryin’ to figure out how to do somethin’, send the balin’ twine expert a comment. There are only 42 uses here; the rest are in my head …

The handy, dandy stuff can be used for . . . (among a variety & myriad of other uses)

1) tying piles of hay together to carry bunches hither and yon to feed your critters

2) very handy to tie to rebar to make fences to keep your dog off your flowers

3) great for tying down old rumply sheets of tin that already have holes in them, to make a roof for your peacock shed, because you can’t reach the top to drive a nail or screw it down to the wood … lalala

4) good for tying chicken wire to wire panels to keep the critters out of your peacocks’ pen

5) to tie a plastic stool (for the vertically challenged) onto the back of the tractor or in the back of your pickup truck

6) to tie metal corral panels to wooden posts, thereby making a corral (still standing, lo these 4 years)

7) to tie metal corral panels to trees, thereby making another place to keep a horse for a while

8) to tie metal corral panels together to make an emergency fence in case of an emergency and your horses get out (woe was me)

9) to tie metal corral panels to the tractor & your quad in case of an emergency to make them part of your emergency fence

10) to tie across long trees & limbs in the back of your pickup, that you are hauling from the National Forest

11) to lead your dog around when you are mad at it and can’t find anything else

12) to tie steel posts to wooden fence posts that fall down because of too much rain

13) to tie tarps on pick ups to cover hay, and tying down to spare tires rocks, logs or anything on the ground to hold said tarp down

14) to tie wire panel fences across the front of your alfalfa shed porch to keep the deer & horses out (when they are running around loose)

15) to stretch between trees or buildings to use as a clothesline

16) to run along the bottom and middle of your hot wire fence line to spoof your horses so they will quit going under the hot wire

17) to tie open the little feeder gate to the metal gate, so you can throw hay into the horse ….
MY AREN’T THERE A LOT USES …. and on we go …

18) to tie signs on your horse trailer when you are thinking of selling it and decide not to

19) to make a temporary headstall for a young horse to carry a bit around in his mouth

20) to tie the end of your cinch on your saddle when you got no leather cord

21) to tie up your electrical extension cord into trees ~ dog deterrent

22) to tie little fences together around fruit trees with chicken wire

23) to make huge ‘ole fences around fruit trees (cherry) that the deer have eaten off

24) to make medium sized rebar fences around apricot trees that the deer don’t seem to like to eat … but you aren’t taking any chances

25) to stretch across the top of the huge ‘ole fruit-tree-protectin’ fence, like a spider web, just in case the deer wanta jump in

26) to tie plastic containers of fish food high in the trees so the dog won’t get them

27) to tie plastic containers of fish food HIGHER in the trees, because the dog got them anyway; now they are so high you can’t reach them

28) to tie birdhouses in the trees, that sometimes you fill up with food, when you remember

29) to tie chicken wire to rebar to make vegetable garden fences

30) to tie hay bales to each other so they don’t fall off the truck while you are driving, like going up the hill into your place … lalala

31) to tie tarps down on hay that is on pallets on the ground

32) to tie signs in trees such as: the trees of the field shall clap their hands; or Julio’s Tree

33) to tie plastic fencing to rebar to put around the fish pond that doesn’t keep the dog out anyway (worthless plastic lasted only 1 year)

34) to tie thingamajig for fish pond “stream” water outlet doohickie to top of cement block inside little barrel ~ a very complicated doohickie I made

35) to hang nice wooden painted flower on ‘ole truck down by the gate

36) to tie wooden snowman, made by mua, to the fence down by gate

37) to run a “sighting” line between fence posts to sorta dig the next hole to make posts in a straight line

38) to tie dog chain around tree when you can’t find the whachamacallit to screw the chain together

39) to wrap the windshield wiper when the blade tears up, so it won’t scratch the window when it’s raining and you have at least one good one, when you are on the road a long ways to pick up a horse

40) to tie plastic bags onto a whip to use as a flag to train a colt

41) to tie back the doors of a horse trailer when you are trying to load a horse up, so the door won’t blow shut; or if yer on a slant, they won’t fall shut at the wrong time

42) to lead horses with when they are out running around

LIKE I SAID .. there are 101 uses of balin’ twine …… balin’ twine is good to Ma Kettle anything together … :}

Balin' Twine 101


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