The Morning hrs

It is barley morning now, the night sky is dark and covered over by a storm. Which continues to lurk in the shadows. The ground, has a glittery sheen to it and crunches loudly under foot. As the morning frost continues to hang in the air and on the surroundings. As I breath I can see my own breath freeze before my eyes.

As I enter into the house, I curl up next to the fireplace and watch the fire blaze in front of me. I sit there wishing for a good book and a nice cup of hot chocolate, with tons of marshmallows.

The house is silent with the exception of appliances and the fireplace…as well as an occassional snore coming from different rooms in the house. I smile and listen as I hear my family sleeping deeply through out the early morning.

I find that I on the other hand can not sleep, as my brain is on over load. I am on auto pilot as I finnish my chores and finish my entry.

So now that I am done, I bid you all a healthy and bright morning.

May you have a great day !

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