At long last!

Apologies to all my friends on here. Iv’e been so manically busy I havn’t even logged on for a month! I’m slowly getting organised and will be back viewing and commenting from now on!
Aside from Jude (Now 6 months!!) theres been loads going on!
Iv’e started a new job at the hospital which has been a mega change!
Iv’e built a brand new photography website.

PM Photography

Iv’e also built up a facebook page to run along side it which is going well!

PM Photography on Facebook

I’m also holdong an exhibition in aid of St Catherines hospice on August 14th. Iv’e got loads of planning to do so any tips appreciated!

Enough about me! I hope all my friends on here are well and I’m looking forward to getting back into the bubble!


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